Should tidal power be explored as an energy alternative?

  • Should tidal power be explored as an energy alternative?

    We already have the know how to collect energy from pavements from the feet of people so why not apply the such to our sea walls that get hit every day. There are also floating systems being developed on rivers and the sea. With the possibility of the sea levels rising it may be the only source of energy left.

  • There is a lot of it

    If we run out of oil and gas or gasoline tidal energy is a good substatud because there is a lot of tidal energy in the world as well as the United. States. We have a lot of tidal energy by our serlves for it is very helpful to our invironment.

  • It should be explored as an energy alternative

    It is important to conserve our fossil fuels, which are being used countlessly in number.
    Since humans have been thriving on earth, all they did, was deplete the resources.
    A good alternative energy has to be something that will last, and that which can be conserved and changed into the form of energy.

  • Tidal power should be explored as an energy alternative.

    Tidal power is just like the word says: powerful! Taking a moving, forcible water source and putting it to good use is well worth looking into. Energy alternatives are a must since the USA and China use up the most fossil fuels in the world. Since both of these countries have ocean shores to use to the fullest, then it should be encouraged to explore such a possibility.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • Yes, tidal power should be included in the search for viable energy alternatives, because tides will be an earthly constant.

    Working wave or tidal power generators now exist. To exclude this method of generating does not take into account the natural and timeless nature of tides. The coastal areas are vast and should be taken advantage of, especially considering two things: tidal power is clean, and it's always present. One does not have to worry about the strength of tides, from one day to the next, as it remains constant.

    Posted by: MoaningGaston86
  • If it can be done without major damage to the environment, there is no reason to avoid exploration.

    Tidal power is a potential source of essentially free power. While there are environmental concerns, these can be mitigated or even avoided by refining the technology. There would be no reason to avoid exploring the potential of this technology. If the environmental concerns are not preventable, then exploration can always be ended and the idea put aside until new advancements are made.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Tidal power should be explored for energy, because it is always there and totally clean.

    Tides are always going in and out. Their energy is not disrupted by cloudy days or long nights. They happen routinely like clockwork, unlike wind. Tides also don't damn up rivers, nor do they demand agricultural acreage and eat into our food supply. Of all the green energy possibilities, tidal energy has the fewest drawbacks and is the most reliable.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I am in favor of exploring all alternative energy sources, as fossil fuels are running out.

    Oil supply is a looming concern across the globe. We are using up our fossil fuel supply, and the use of this type of fuel creates a lot of carbon dioxide waste products. This is contributing to climate change. Therefore, tidal power should be considered as a viable alternative energy source, along with solar and wind power.

    Posted by: babyuniqh
  • Tidal power is an excellent area for exploration in power generation, because its source is immense and reliable.

    The shores of all of the major powers in the world today touch the oceans. The tidal power of the oceans is immense, constantly available, and reliable. Generation of power from tidal currents can be clean, efficient, and safe. No dangerous waste products are produced via this method of power generation. The environmental impact is minimal. Tidal power is efficient, predictable, clean, and effective.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • I agree that we should explore the use of tidal power as alternative energy, as it would be better for the environment as well as making us less dependent on other counties.

    With the rising cost of gas, and our relationships with other nations, it only makes sense that we try to explore possible alternatives for energy to lower costs and resources in the long run.

    Posted by: Sweet Cakes
  • Not enough power.

    They are a great way to create renewable energy and a great idea, but they are not advanced yet. They require a lot of maintenance and are very expensive when compared to dams. Also they don't produce a sufficient amount of energy to be thought of as useful. Tidal barrages need to be more developed before this project could run on a large scale.

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