Should Tiger Woods have been disqualified from the Masters?

  • Disqualification should have been the proper call.

    Although I enjoyed watching Tiger compete at the Masters on Saturday and Sunday he should not have been playing. His drop on the 15th hole was illegal and the penalty for the illegal drop was 2 shots. On his signed scorecard he did not include the two shot penalty. The penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard is disqualification. This is according to the rules of golf.

    The rules committee agreed that he took an improper drop but did not disqualify him for this by using rule 33-7 also know as the HD rule. This rule is to prevent golfers from being disqualified for not including a penalty in their scorecard that they had no way of knowing they had violated but was later pointed out by a viewer. Please read this rule to see the examples.

    So by Tiger admitting he dropped the ball 2 yards back he clearly admits that he broke the drop rule and he is the one responsible for knowing the rules and signing the proper score. Rule 33-7 does not apply to ignorance of the rules and therefore disqualification was the proper call.

    Some will argue that the punishment is not fair. To this I say, is it fair that Tiger be above the rules of golf or should he have to follow them every other golfer.

  • Yes, he should have.

    The man has been playing the game long enough to know the rules. He willfully (at his own admission) moved to where he 'felt' his shot should occur and not where it was actually marked at. This is a blatant violation. You get booted (and sometimes tried) for point shaving in football, why not in golf? It it had been a lesser known name, I believe they would have been disqualified.

  • A penalty is a penalty

    While I (and most) have no love for Tiger Woods after his past couple of years, he got the punishment he deserved here. He did something stupid (on the green, for a change) and got a slap on the wrist that might as well be a disqualification for how badly it hurt his score anyway. No outrage here.

  • No, he shouldn't have

    No, I do not think Tiger Woods should have been disqualified from the Masters. What happened was a simple mistake and it is not like he was purposefully cheating or trying to hold anybody to a huge advantage. I don't think the incident that happened was that big of a deal and should not be grounds for disqualification.

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