• Yes, I think he should be publicly presenting himself as a homosexual.

    I think Tim Cook should be publicly presenting himself as a homosexual. If the media keeps publicly asking him questions concerning his homosexuality then I think he should keep publicly presenting himself as a proud, supporting member of the homosexual community. Good for Tim Cook. Nobody should hide who they are, and if the media didn't want to focus on that part of him nobody would make them.

  • Yes, Tim Cook is gay, so why hide it.

    Tim Cook is a gay man, who is proud of his life; Including all of his lifestyle choice. As a prominent businessman,these personal choices should not have any bearing on other peoples business choices on. However, in our society many people will judge him. So, Mr. Cook basically has two choices; keep his sexual orientation to himself, risking someone outing him at some point, or proudly letting everyone know. He took the higher road, he has nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Yes he should

    There is no reason why Tim cook should not be publicly presenting himself as homosexual, it is up to him how he wishes to present himself. If people dislike the fact that he is homosexual then they should keep their opinions to themselves. takes a lot to come out the way he did.

  • Tim Cook should not be expected to present his sexual preferences to the public.

    The public does not have any right to know what a person's sexual preferences are. If Tim Cook identifies himself as a homosexual that is his business and is not relevant to his position as head of Apple Inc. If he wants to make that information public it should be his choice to do so, and if he prefers to maintain privacy regarding how he identifies himself then the public should respect that.

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