Should Tim Cook's sexual preference affect his status in the Apple corporation?

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  • Let`s Be Profesional And Keep It That Way

    Business is first and this is the law. No personal sex preferences should affect professional status of anyone or be used for marketing products by any company. I do not support public figures going out in public and discussing private matters. That`s why it`s called personal life and let it be that way. Rather I sense some media, marketing and pubic relations plot behind these recent modern sex preferences announcements at major gatherings. Please stop it.

  • No person's sexual preference should affect his or her status within any company.

    A person's sexual preference does not affect his or her ability to make sound business decisions, and does not contribute to a person's ability to complete a job task. Just as the color of a person's skin does not indicate his or her value as an employee or business owner, a person's sexual preference does not indicate human value in any form either.

  • Tim Cook should stay put at Apple.

    I don't think Tim Cook coming out as gay has anything to do with Apple. A persons sexual preference and their career are not one in the same. Being gay doesn't make him a lesser leader at Apple. I applaud him for shouting it out so that he can continue to lead a great company into even more greatness.

  • Absolutely not, this is 2014 not 1914

    The man has been with Apple for almost 20 years during the undoubted most successful period the company has ever seen and the best that virtually any other company in the world has seen. To now redefine this success based on his sexual preference is abhorrent and bares no resemblance to a modern world.

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