Should time be set aside in school to read independently?

  • As long as time is used wisely

    As long as the time is used for it's intended purpose, students do need time to read books of their own choosing. Reading independently not only helps reading levels but also quality of writing as well. If students were more engaged with reading, they would have less trouble in other subects too.

  • Yes it should

    It is because the students get to learn something other than their already set curriculum.Reading is a habit that pays rich dividends in the future.The more we read,the more we think.Children will also stay updated in terms of knowledge and their vocabulary will also improve.Also the things they read independently will not be forced and will stay in their memory for longer.

  • Reading is Learning

    Some of the most truthful things that you'll ever come across come from a book, be it a textbook, or a holy book, or a Harry Potter book. The current public school system, at least in America, isn't cutting it. It's all about constant testing, stuffing information in your head so you can regurgitate it at the end of the year. Having some person who used to be a kid forty plus years ago deciding what children should learn every year is just rubbish. You can't say something 'Having the skills to write a five paragraph essay is all that you need to know by the age ten.' Reading is where the real learning happens. You can learn about your religion, or about quantum physics, about how to draw well or build a slingshot. You could advance your comprehension skills by reading some poetry, or just build your creativity with a fantasy book. Whichever subject you think is superior, reading overlaps into all of them. Even if you're a math/science person, you could read something like geometry notes. Making kids have a time to read is like giving them a time to learn, and on anything that they're interested in! Just so long as it's not a Twilight book, or a comic book. And if a child doesn't like reading, there's nothing you can do except make them do it. Because, not liking to read is something that needs to be fixed, since there are few skills more valuable, and there are no sports or other hobbies that measure up to it.

  • Yes I Like Reading

    I'm an eighth grader and I can tell you that every kid in my grade LOVES when the teachers don't have anything planned. It gives us some time to just relax and let ourselves transport ourselves into the book. Sure, we have a twenty minute study hall when we come back from lunch, but we always come back like seven minutes late and we have to get our books together and ready for the afternoon classes, but that only gives us about six minutes on a good day! Sure, we also have library where an annoying librarian reads us poems for forty minutes in a monotone and gives us five minutes to check out a book and gets annoyed when somebody' s on the fence, but that's just as bad as sitting in class! We all love just having some time to let our brains rest and not have a headache. You want to make decisions for kids? Don't. How can this many people be against us? I'm actually a good writer and when the teacher goes over it in class, I already know most of it from seeing it in a book! Like when to move to a new paragraph or to put quotes in and commas. I knew most of it from seeing it in like the fourth grade! Reading is not a waste of time! Some people don't have home lives where they can sit down to read for long periods of time. My friend has to go to her aunt's house and her dad's house and everywhere and sometimes she can't even do her homework! She told me that she wishes she had more time to read and yeah. Just a kid's opinion!

  • Kids need to Read More

    By allowing kids to read independently, kids will like to read more. I honestly hated reading until I started to read independently. When I was forced to read a book in school, it was dreadful and I refused to read anything for a few years. By allowing independent reading, kids will get to read what interests them and overall help school performance.

  • Yes because some students love to read

    There are the students that read and theres some that mess around. The ones that mess around don't mind cause htey could work on talking to each other while students that like to read will use their time to actually read or do other homework so it is good but if you mess around you probaly won't get that time.

  • I would just say no

    Individual time should be set aside after or before school. When you go to school during teachers work hours, they are expected to do what they get paid for, which is TEACH!! Students shouldn't be franking around class rooms like its a thing to do or some day care. So yeah

  • No More Time Should Be Wasted On Forcing Kids to Do Something Particluar

    No time should be set aside for students to read independently. Those who want to read independently will do so outside of school. If you want to give them time to read, then cut down on the time that is given to forcing them to do useless things. For those who are not interested in reading, this will do nothing.

  • I don't think you should ever enforce reading

    You get the most out of a book when you read it with the desire and intent. That said, setting aside time to read independently might be a good idea, but I am doubtful whether kids would actually read or just abuse the time allotted to mess around. The latter seems more likely, having been a student, myself. Instead, schools need to rethink education as a whole, as we force meaningless data into students instead of actually getting them to learn/want to learn.

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