Should Timothy McVeigh's accomplice have been given the death penalty as well?

  • Depending on his level of involvement

    Since the death penalty is the most extreme sentence, whether or not it is appropriate,depends on his level of involvement. If McVeigh's accomplice was involved in planning the bombing, knew what was going to happen, and decisively acted to accomplish the result, he should also have been given the death penalty.

  • Accomplice to Treason

    Timothy McVeigh committed treason, the gravest capital crime that is punishable by death. His accomplice, Terry Nichols, also served in the U.S. Army alongside McVeigh before both men were dishonorably discharged. Nichols knew exactly what was happening before 168 people were killed in the explosion of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. He should have given the death penalty for treason as well.

  • We should have murdered all his accomplices, too.

    Yes, Timothy McVeigh's accomplice should have been given the death penalty as well. Michael Fortier and Terry Nichols were every bit as guilty as McVeigh in murdering those innocent adults and children, and they should have been put to death just as he was. The United States should never be lenient on terrorists it captures.

  • He conspired for mass murder.

    Yes, Timothy McVeigh's accomplice should have been given the death penalty as well, because there was nothing about his actions that were less deserving of the death penalty. Just because McVeigh did something even worse does not mean that the accomplice did not do something so horrible to also be given the death penalty. It would have been appropriate retribution for society to give them both the death penalty.

  • Timothy McVeigh's accomplice should not have been given the death penalty.

    The justice system did the right thing when they decided not to give the death penalty to the accomplice of Timothy McVeigh.He was not actually on site during the crime so there was no way he could be held equally responsible although he did play a large part in the whole catastrophe.Some may have wanted him to die but in the end he got the right punishment.

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