• Title 9 should be kept

    I believe it is a woman's right to have control over their own bodies. If a woman is raped, she should be able to get out of the unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. Also, women leave men all the time once there is a child involved, why can't women abort a baby if their partner can? If their partner can leave the unborn child, so can the women.

  • Title IX Guarantees Equal Scholarships for Women

    Title IX should be preserved because colleges and universities would cut women's sports first if they had to save money in an athletics budget. Title IX guarantees women's athletic scholarships for universities so that women have a chance to compete and have an education just as much as men. Getting rid of Title IX would be a slide backwards.

  • Yes, it helps women.

    Yes, Title IX should be preserved, because it helps women. It fair that opportunities are provided equally to men and women, because Title IX operates at the university level. Because universities are funded with tax dollars, opportunities should not be given based on the arbitrary characteristic of gender. Title IX has helped give women opportunities.

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  • No one really cares

    Think about it. If you were given the choice of going to see an NBA game, or a WNBA game, which would you choose? Most people would choose the NBS game. If women are equal to men as many people would like to argue, then women should be competing against boys to make a spot on the team instead of changing there sides and saying, "That's not fair! I'm a girl!" This statement is coming from a girl, so it's not even like this is bias the way people would expect it. Title IX is a waste of money, and does not need to be preserved.

  • Title IX ignores real differences between the sexes and does men a disservice.

    Distribution of athletic resources should be allocated based on student demand. Under such a standard, it doesn't matter if both genders have the same interest in sports (which they don't) . The record has shown that Title IX has destroyed more athletic opportunities for men than it has created for women. In short it has hurt college students as a whole.

  • Title IX isn't helping anymore.

    I'm a feminist, but I disagree with Title IX. If a boy is better than a girl at a sport, then he should be able to make the team. Also, it's not fair that now the boys are having to sacrifice due to Title IX. I don't think it's "awful", but it's definitely time for it to go.

  • Title IX Outrageous

    Title IX is an out-of-date law that should be removed. It has done its job and it is no longer needed any more for the preservation of female sports. Today, Title IX is only having the opposite effect on male sports, causing schools to cut men's sports even when it is a proven fact that males prefer to participate in sports more than women. I have nothing against female sports, but Title IX is no longer helping, only hurting.

  • Its not the government's job and its not realistic.

    It has ruined college sports. We all know that men's sports are more valued than women's sports and they always will be. Many more people care for the football program than would care for volleyball, for instance. The government should be realistic and not cut boy's sports programs just because they are more popular than woman's sports programs. The government cannot force us to care more about women's sports and most importantly, its not their job. Men, on average and all reality, are more athletic than women.

    Title IX is affirmative action as its worst.

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