Should Title IX be updated to include more enumerated rights for women such as equal pay?

  • Title IX is Too Weak

    Title IX is too weak. Since it has been working so well in getting women their equal place in society we should do more to bolster it and add more to it. Think of all the enumerated rights that we could give women using this powerful tool. Equal pay is a great first option.

  • Yes, Title 9 should be updated.

    I definitely think that Title 9 should be updated to include more enumerated rights for women such as equal pay. I think that something like equal pay is something everybody should have the right to regardless of gender. It is something every I think would be in full support of.

  • There are enough laws

    There are more than enough laws to protect women right now. The issue is one of enforcement. If the laws that are currently on the books as they are written were respected and enforced, there would be less discrimination against the gender. More laws are just going to make things more complicated.

  • If a Persons wants equal pay they should deserve it.

    Regardless of gender a person should not expect to get equal pay as some one else due to a predetermined factor.Due to a woman being a woman or a man being man does not negate them pay nor should it give them an automatic right to pay.Woman should apply and fight for pay the same as everyone else.Real eqaulity comes when any factors are ignored and you work for what you want as a singular person and not that of a group majority, or minority.

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