• Tobacco causes cancer

    Its not my vault when you get lung cancer or mouth caner when you get just look back thinking if I quit using tobacco I would not have cancer all you are doing is hurting yourself and others just give it up gosh people you do not understand the harm tobacco does to you

  • Tobacco is DISGUSTING!!!

    Tobacco is terrible for you. There are so many ways it hurts you. Just as smoking does if you indulge your self in tobacco you lose part of your life. And think of the things you do to children : seeing those things could make them want to do that and it could make it so that they don't have a bright future.
    All in all it is just bad for you.

  • No, but they should be monitored.

    We should be legalizing more things, not banning what is already on the market. However, we still should make sure that the smoking is not done by minors and that it is not done in public places where second hand smoke can affect other people. There should be restrictions on the act,not a ban on the product.

  • Tobacco Products Should Not Be Banned

    No, tobacco products should not be banned as an adult should have the right as to what substances s/he may or may not put in to her/his body. As such, to ban tobacco outright would be impeding on this right to do what a person wishes so long as it does not harm another.

  • No, they should not.

    Tobacco products should not be banned everywhere, but more in specifc spots. I think if there was a ban on all tobacco products everywhere we would see an influx in crime rates due to people who do not usually do crime wanting to get their hands on something they were previous able to have.

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