• TV is awesome

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  • If they want to.

    I watched TV when I was a teen. It might not have been the best for me. Most TV shows back then seemed pretty mindless, as do most TV shows now. There are shows on television that aren't horrible and there are educational shows as well. I think that a little bit of entertainment here and there isn't a big problem.

  • Today's youth should watch TV.

    Today's youth should watch TV. However, they should not be allowed to watch as much as they do. I have seen children being baby sit by the television and that is just wrong. I have also seen many of them throw a fit if the television was taken away from them.

  • Yes, you can watch current events.

    Yes, today's youth should watch TV, because youth can learn a lot about our world by watching television. Television is a good way to watch current events. Young people can see the world that they live in in real time. They can learn current events as well as popular culture, and who the major players are in the world.

  • Yes, probably more than being on computers.

    As long as the program is a decent one, it is probably better for young people to watch tv with their families in the living room than to sit hooked up to their computers with headphones on as many of them do now. At least with the former there is a feeling of community and the ability to discuss.

  • Yes, TV is okay within limits.

    Television is okay for kids to watch. But a lot of the time, it's used without supervision and without parents even paying attention to what kids are watching, or how many hours they are watching. Parents need to prescreen programming and make sure it's something they agree with and feel is appropriate for their kids. It's also important to set time limits.

  • Yes they should.

    Today's youth should be able to watch TV. There is nothing wrong with the youth of today watching TV. There are plenty of good programs that are educational, and not detrimental to their development. If there are some programs that are not good or decent, simply do not let them watch that instead of banning them from all TV.

  • TV is an important medium.

    Television has been around for several decades at this point, and is part of American life and our cultural landscape. While there's a lot of junk like reality shows out there, it's also an important way to witness breaking news and important events. Cutting youth off from TV has no basis in reality or practicality.

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