• Are some of you people here fucking stupid or just trolling?

    I get that TPing isn't bad like egging or smashing windows but it's still vandalism no matter what. You would have to most likely climb up just to take off all the crap either from your house or/and trees, it takes work. Not making this illegal would allow people to just keep doing it. How would you feel if someone kept TPing your house? Well I guess that'll be fun too, RIGHT?! If you also don't mind paying someone or a company to take it all down for you each time. :)

  • It is Trespassing & Vandalism

    I have had my home rolled in toilet paper and I don't have any ties to any teenagers in my life. My husband and I are in our 30s. We have a 5 year old and we are helping to take care of an elderly parent. Neither of us has time to clean up anyone else's "harmless fun" on our personal property. It's interesting how no one will clearly state that it is flat out trespassing, littering, and vandalism. If you commit any one of these crimes you'd be charged, but if you do them all at once and you're a teenager it's alright. You're just acting your age. Let's be real the majority of TP'ers are white. Let some Hispanic or Black kids do this in groups, and I promise you it'd become a crime.

  • It is vandalism and trespassing; end of story.

    I understand that people consider tp'ing harmless fun, but it's hard to draw a line with teenagers- tell them one thing is ok but another thing is not; they don't know when they may be crossing a line. It's illegal because of vandalism and trespassing; we have had kids egg our home and cars (should this be illegal?); we have had kids spray paint words on our fence (should this be illegal?); we have had plastic forks stuck all over our front yard (is this illegal?); and we have had the toilet paper thing several times. What makes one thing any more/less trespassing or vandalism than another? I am at home alone with small children most weekends due to my husband's job and I can't have teenagers running around doing pranks on my property. Everyone has the right to feel safe on THEIR own property; I can imagine it's frightful for an elderly person to think that strangers run around their property while they sleep, whether it is a prank or not. It's dangerous, too, in today's climate. People are scared and they're ready to shoot at anyone that perceive as a threat. After the spray painting incident, we installed cameras around our home. While we will likely not "prosecute" teens who tp our home, their parents will be made aware and they will have to clean it up.

  • Who does that?

    People who think it is harmless have probably never tried to collect wet toilet paper off their property. Even worse, if it gets wet then dries, it sticks to your car. Whatever it is that you are trying to do to your friend, this type of act is inconsiderate at best. No one laughs while they are cleaning up the mess you made as a hilariously fun prank. Should it be legal? No. If a person is littering on someone else's property, defacing someone else's property, and trespassing, then it is definitely not legal.

  • Yes, it should be illegal.

    It is extremely hard to clean up and is technically trespassing. So it already is technically illegal, just under several different names, including littering, vandalism, and trespassing. It also may be taken wrong by even close friends and parents who do not want the house that they own defaced by their children's friends. Just don't do it.

  • I just got toilet papered on my hoise

    My neighbor thought it would be a good idea to toilet paper my house. I think that should be illegal because it is hard to clean off of your house, it is rude and they don't want to help you clean it up, it is basically littering on someone else's property.

  • Grandma doesn't think so

    I give out candies every year for Halloween. I like seeing the little ones all dressed up and so excited. If the older ones are dressed up, they get candy too. But the ones that use Halloween as an excuse to be an ass should face consequences. Last year I had to climb up a ladder on my front lawn to get the toilet paper down. It looked awful, humiliating. I take pride in my community. Climbing up there is dangerous because I'm getting on. For the parents out there that are teaching your children it's ok to deface the property of little old ladies - shame on you!

  • Should shooting a Vandal be legal ?

    I caught 2 of these funny teens last night. One 19 the other 20.
    The police were notified as well as their mother. Their kneecaps are black and blue from climbing on the limps they just TP'd.
    After cleaning up their mess I had them clean my chicken coop for 3 hours. I will put rock salt in my shotgun if it happens again and that's no joke. See I'm a fun loving guy as well.
    I'm tired of punks that think vandalism is funny.
    Does beating up lady's make you tough ? Or is that just for fun to.
    I say shot the punks with rock salt after all that's fun for me.

  • It should have some punishment

    We live in a neighborhood where we are all mainly parents of young ones (0-5). Our houses are constantly TP'd (5 houses on a single block). This happens several times a year. We have little ones to deal with. We don't have the time to be cleaning up the mess. They TP everywhere and do a REALLY REALLY good job. We have 7 king palms and they get the TP to the very top (lots of it). It is almost impossible to get down. I still have TP that is in my palm trees from 6 months ago. Once, they left all the TP bags on the lawn. They used 4 Costco packs of 30 TP rolls. That is 120 rolls of TP. No, it is NOT ok.

  • Yes, isn't it already?

    Toliet papering somebody's property counts as vandalism, I'm at a loss as to how it isn't already deemed illegal. If I go out and do that and get caught, I expect to be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for doing so. You probably should too, that's what would happen.

  • Really? Why should it?

    It's toilet paper people. It grows in trees like the ones in your yard that get toilet papered. Come on people. It's not going to kill you if your house gets TPed. I don't get why the people that did this kind of stuff growing up make it illegal so the younger generation can't do it. I could care less if my kids do this if they help clean it up

  • Everyone Should LIGHTEN UP.

    TPing is almost always done as a fun prank between friends/neighbors. It's not like kids are smashing windows, spray painting, or throwing eggs here. It's TOILET PAPER. Not exactly lethal. It is silly for people to get so upset over small things and a shame kids aren't allowed to have fun the way they used to. Also, I would much rather have policemen focusing their time and energy on actual dangerous crimes, not harmless pranks. Why are people so uptight these days?

  • Toilet-papering should not be illegal.

    Toilet-papering should not be illegal because their are many people who love to have fun in the world. The only thing that the thing you should get in trouble to do for, is have the owner tell the toilet-paperers to clean up the toilet-paper that they threw. In conclusion I think that toilet-papering should not be illegal.

  • Over-punishing for something so meager

    Most TP'ings occur to friends houses/acquaintances, not just out of the blue to random houses. It is meant in good fun, or as part of a bigger war going back and forth for fun. It is not a malicious thing to do such as egging a house, which should be punishable. Although it can be annoying for the homeowner to cleanup. Rather than charging someone with a misdemeanor for something so menial, they should be responsible for cleaning it up to the satisfaction of the homeowner. Instead of permanently scarring someones record, unless they are a minor, cleaning it up would be a better resolution.

    To the person who placed metal forks in their principals yard to ruin his lawnmower, that is much worse than TP'ing. Also, to the person worried about running out of toilet paper, that is a rare occasion as the kids would not want to tip off their parents by having all the toilet paper disappear. Typically they will go out and buy the cheapest pack from the store instead.

  • It depends on how it's done.

    If it is simply the throwing of TP it's just a fun prank and people should get over it. However if TP is being put in places where it can do damage or if it is done to 1 house too often then that should stop. Seriously though have we all become that old person who peers out their door and yells, Get off my lawn?!

  • Why should it

    There is nothing wrong with it if you dont get caught. Its like speeding. Its only illegal if you get caught. You only live once, why not live on the edge a little and have some fun. Besides, its fun, it gives someone something to do on a boring night.

  • Don't have any fun anymore

    I hardly see alot of people ever toilet paper anything and usually it's the trees that are covered, I honestly don't believe it's bad as long as there is no damage or anything broken then it should be fine but if you are going to do it it's possible to maybe a friends house or the park would be better or maybe an empty house no will get blamed at a;;

  • TPing should be not be illegal

    Its a harmless prank and if u do it to a person that would appreciate it than it is no big deal. I can see where vandalism comes in but that goes more toward destruction of property. Its all fun and games and nothing gets destroyed. I think people are over reacting to this whole debate.

  • Making tp'ing illegal is a bit harsh and if the kids get charged and have a record, the punishment does not fit the crime.

    Making it illegal is a bit harsh and if the kids get charged and have a record, the punishment does not fit the crime. Make them clean it up or pay a landscaper to clean it up, but to do more is also a waste of taxpayers' money and a drain on our police and courts.

  • Making tp'ing illegal is a bit harsh and if the kids get charged and have a record, the punishment does not fit the crime.

    Making it illegal is a bit harsh and if the kids get charged and have a record, the punishment does not fit the crime. Make them clean it up or pay a landscaper to clean it up, but to do more is also a waste of taxpayers' money and a drain on our police and courts.

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