Should Tokyo willingly spend approximately $14.85 billion dollars on the 2020 Toyko olympics?

  • Yes, Tokyo should spend approximately $14.85 billion on the 2020 Olympics.

    Tokyo should willingly spend approximately $14.85 billion dollars on the 2020 Olympics because they have the ability to re-use many of the facilities. Most cities that host the Olympics are then left with unused stadiums and structures, but Tokyo has such a high population with more than 13 million people that the facilities have a good chance of being re-used by organizations such as colleges or national sports teams, so it would not be a waste of money.

  • A thriving economy

    Japan has every right to spend that much on the Olympics because their economy is thriving and they can afford this luxury now. A lot of that spending will be for security as well, something sorely needed in the last few Olympics. We need to ensure that our athletes stay safe.

  • It's their choice

    Isn't it Tokyo's choice if they want to spend an absurd amount for the olympics? I think it's foolish as most olympics tend to be money pits for cities and countries. In the end, it's their money to spend how they see fit. I feel sorry for the citizens, but Tokyo has the right to do it.

  • There are probably more important things that they should be spending that money on.

    While I am sure that $14.85 billion is not as huge as it might sound, it still seems like an excessive percentage of the government's budget for a series of sporting events. I think that at least some of that money would be better spent on infrastructure, education and other things that would benefit the people of Japan.

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