Should Tom Brady from the New England Patriots be suspended form the team for a year?

Asked by: jpriest
  • He did cheat.

    He should be kicked off, because he had to approve the cheating and if he says that he didn't know, he had to have because he holds the ball. If he did know he should have told somebody so that can re inflate the ball and get the game rolling again.

  • He is a cheater

    We would have known he hold the ball every play he is a cheater and he will always be a cheater he should be kicked out of the NFL like he is not the goat Aaron Rodgers is. Aaron and throw in and out of the pocket if he needs he can run he on a ok team but still can get deep in the playoffs tom Brady has a great team he cant throw out of the pocket and he cant run he will never be the best in the nfl when Aaron is still playing

  • Should be susoended, but not for a year

    I am a New England's fan, so this is very hard for me to swallow. There's no question that He was cheating. They wouldn't deflate it if he didn't want them deflated. Jon Stewart said it best - great players don't need to cheat. But it's sad when they do. He should pay the price for his actions.

  • He had to know what was happening

    As I have talked to my dad about it I think he should be suspended for at least a year because you can tell right away when a football is deflated, it just feels different. He could have said right there that he knew something was wrong with the football, but no he kept his mouth shut and kept playing. If the NFL don't do anything about it the players will think that they are allowed to cheat whenever they want because they did not do anything the first time why not the second time? If the NFL do something about then they can face no more cheats in the near future, which is really good. I still believe that he should at least get suspended for a year.

  • He did know about it

    Tom Brady should be suspended because he knew that the deflation of the ball would make it easier for his team to catch thus helping them win the game. Furthermore he had many opportunities to turn in the ball and say that it was not inflated correctly. Tom Brady SHOULD be punished for his actions.

  • Tom Brady should not be be

    Tom should not be punished for something he did. He did know but it does not mean he did it he revived a text from an employee of the Patriots. Brady and the team did cheat....But the team was still good enough to win in the Superbowl I always here oh they cheated so they lost in the Superbowl it was still wrong for him not to tell anyone but he had nothing to do he could not go and re inflate the balls!!

  • He Did not deflate the ball.

    During the colts game the ball got deflated, but Tom Brady did not do it. Bill Belichick did this. Bill Belichick told someone To do it. It wasn't Tom Brady Because how could he Possibly do that. I think bill belickick Tom Brady.Tom Brady should NOT be Punished.He would have won anyway.

  • I disagree as well.

    Brady is an outstanding QB who gets prank texts all the time about ball deflation. By the way he never gives 2 cents about them and does not follow through with actually deflating the ball. Tom Brady is not a cheater at all. He is a real player who keeps his game true and clean.

  • Tom Brady did not cheat at all.

    The Indianapolis Colts discovered the deflated balls near the end of the 2nd quarter. And the 2nd HALF was when the Pats started rolling, and they had normal balls then. In the second half, the Patriots dominated, with normal balls. This is unbiased because I am a Browns fan. Thank you.

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