Should Tomlin have publicly berated Williams for his bashing of Manning on twitter?

  • Absolutely yes sir

    I think it's great what Mike Tomlin did to Deangelo Williams by calling him out in public. It's exactly what Williams did to Manning on Twitter and it's only fitting that Tomlin did likewise. It was idiotic for Williams to call out Manning on his retirement day. He could of simply congratulated him or just kept his mouth shut.

  • No, Tomlin should not have publicly berated Williams

    Just because Williams bashed Manning on twitter does not mean Tomlin should have publicly berating him. Everyone has their own opinions and some people choose to express those opinions on twitter. Manning has made some questionable decisions over the years and simply cannot be praised all of the time. Sometimes people need to be bashed.

  • He wouldn't have to do anything

    When you make the decision to go after a legend in any type of media you're going to get some negative attention for it. Tomlin shouldn't have publicly berated Williams because he doesn't need to, what will come from his decisions will decide what happens to him (chances are he's probably not gonna get a lot of praise for his comments) all Tomlin would have to do is address it and let things play out. It saves him from being a cause of something that ends up being bigger than it has to be.

  • Tomlin should not have berated Williams.

    I do not think that Tomlin should have publicly berated Williams for his bashing of Manning on twitter. I don't think that revenge is a good thing, and I don't think that publically insulting someone is ever a good thing either. I think that face to face is the best way to solve a problem.

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