• He is a united.

    Yes, Tony Abbott should lead Australia, because the liberal party is good for Australia right now. Abbott has a bachelors degree in economics. That is a very strong degree to lead the country. He also has a history in England, and that is good for public relations. He does well for Australia.

  • Tony Abbot is a fine choice

    He has a long successful political career and would be a good fit for the country. He is a liberal candidate,but has lots of good ideas. I like his stance on the great barrier reef. He just seems like someone that would bring the country forward rather than back, he has my vote.

  • Yes, I think Tony Abbott should lead Australia.

    Tony Abbott is a very level headed politician who was able to win a free and fair election in Australia, I think that as long as the people and the members of the Government are confident in his ability to lead the nation then he should be allowed to lead it.

  • Someone else should

    I could not believe the Australians voted Tony Abbott into office. Just as I was looking at Australia and thinking that they were a forward-thinking country and very progressive, they go ahead and elect that moron. He's like a combination of Sarah Palin and George W Bush--both of whom the Australians seem to have hated. Ironic.

  • No, somebody else should lead Australia.

    I think that somebody else other than Tony Abbot should lead Australia. I think that Tony Abbot is the wrong politician to lead Australia. His beliefs and politics are something that I do not think will be good for the Australian people. I think there are better candidates that would be better for Australia.

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