Should Tony Blaire be made the first president of the EU: Is Tony Blaire one of the only alternatives?

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  • Alternatives to Tony Blaire for EU President

    The European Union doesn't necessarily need a president, but Tony Blaire isn't the only option for the position. There are plenty of other leaders and politicians in the member countries that could challenge him for the position of EU President, if it ever comes to fruition, which is a big possibility.

  • Tony Blair is Not the Only Choice for EU's First President

    Tony Blair is not one of the only alternatives to be made the first president of the European Union (EU). A strong political leader is needed in order to ensure that countries don't break up. However, just because Tony Blair has a lot of experience does not mean he is the best or only choice. Someone who has been accused of war crimes would likely not do well as a candidate. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party have stated that they have other candidates for president.

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