• Yes, he deserves it.

    Tony Gonzalez, though unable to win a Super Bowl ring, was truly a great player. He did many things to be proud of the in National Football League, and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Just because he played for a number of teams is not relevant, I say.

  • Yes.

    Tony Gonzalez should be a Hall of Famer. He is one of the best tight ends of all time, and as a result he deserves to make it into the Hall of Fame. At his age he is still one of the top three in the league, and he is well past the peak of his career.

  • Of Course!

    Yes of course! I mean how can you even ask that question? Is it seriously even up for debate? The guy is second in all-time receptions behind only Jerry Rice. He revolutionized the position of tight end. The guy is a first-balloter all the way. If he's worked hard for it give it to him!

  • Gonzalez Is A Hall of Famer

    Of course Tony Gonzalez is a Hall of Famer. He is the best wide receiver to ever play the sport of football. The NFL has never seen a wide receiver as talented and accomplished as Tony Gonzalez. He is without a doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer and rightfully so.

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