• Time To Hang It Up

    It is time for Tony Gonzalez to hang up the cleats. Despite being unable to make it to the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons this year, Tony Gonzalez has had an NFL career that is the envy of many individuals. We should all be so lucky to have played the game as great as he did. There's no shame in calling it quits.

  • Up to him

    If Gronkowski stays healthy (which so far he hasnt) Gonzalez is only keeping the "best ever" title warm for him, but no, if he wants to keep going he shouldn't retire. He still shreds defenses, but he's implied he wants to hang it up. I don't think he should, but if he's done he's done.

  • No he should not

    No Tony Gonzalez should not retire. He is a huge part of the Falcons and so far has been keeping his stats up and has had an awesome season previously. Even in his advanced age he is doing very well with his offense, and he should play until he isnt physically able to anymore.

  • I Think He Should Keep Playing

    I do not think that Tony Gonzalez should retire. He had a great season in 2012-2013. He put up pretty decent numbers for guy his age. He is still a major part of the Falcons' offense and a big time contributor. I wish he wouldn't leave. He's the best ever at his position and should play longer.

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