Should top sports personalities have a high salary?

  • They shouldn't get paid...

    Collage athletes get there collage paid for just for playing so that means they shouldn't be paid for playing. But it takes lots of time to play football and they are making there school look better based on how they play. So it can go both ways but that is my opinion

  • Yes, but not as high as it is.

    Just like any celebrity these days, a top sports star is going to make a fair amount of money and have a lot of fame and media coverage.However, most of these people are making far more than they or anyone else should for what they do, which is really just playing a game after all.

  • Athletes and high salaries

    The athletes are entertaining us and they risk their minds and their body. Some sports leagues like a minor league or collage leagues should get paid but not a lot. Some athletes like Johnny Menzel that are bad outside of sports should not get paid as much but they should get paid.

  • I think sports personalities should be paid well

    I dont necessarily believe they should have a so called "high" salary, but they should be paid what they are worth. A sports personality are an important part of sports. They give play by play comments on what is going on, which comes in handy when listening on the radio. They give some excitement to the game

  • Yes, they should.

    Because we live in a world that supports the free market and that of capitalism, I do not see anything wrong with top sports personalities being paid quite a bit of money. They are being paid what the market supports their being paid. They are not being subsidized with tax dollars.

  • Yes, because of their entertainment factor.

    Big-name athletes should have whatever salary a team offers them because they are paid to perform their job of entertaining us. Just like movie stars, big-name athletes seek to perfect their craft and work hard to do well; their salaries should reflect that fact. They should also be allowed to market their personae and earn additional revenue from those deals.

  • They Definitely Should

    Top sports personalities should be compensated well. They are at the top of their particular field and their salaries should indicate it. It is not easy to find great sports personalities and they are not falling of of trees. People such as Charles Barkley are widely recognized and shouldn't have endorsements be the majority of their pay.

  • I don't think they should get paid

    Because they need to focus more on school and not worrying about money and all they do is throw stuff around and kick stuff and they get paid millions NO that is not fair to the people who want to learn more about school it's stuoid to let them get paid

  • Athletes and high salaries

    How come athletes are paid way more than people in the military? All athletes do is pass/hit/kick a ball around and they get paid millions. What do people in the military do? Oh, they just serve, save, and protect our country. They don't need huge salaries. Really?! Are you a flipping idiot?! If anyone should make millions, it should be people that serve our country VOLUNTARILY. Am I really the only person that thinks this?!

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