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  • Though he is great

    Bob Marley was great - great musician, great guy, great activist. Bob Marley could teach a lot of people a lot about the world around them, and many who haven't would enjoy his music and his message. Still, there are many other people who had an even greater effect on the world.

  • Toronto's Mayor Would Attend Wholeheartedly

    If anything, Toronto does NOT need another excuse for its mayor to party. If Toronto has an official "Bob Marley Day," Mayor Rob Ford will kick off the event and light up a doobie with the rest of them. Twenty-four hours later, Ford will host a press conference saying how he lit up and got high for an entire day while he's in office. No way in H-E-double hockey sticks should Toronto have Bob Marley Day unless citizens want another embarrassment on their hands. Ford's disgrace is bad enough. They don't need more people making idiots of themselves.

  • Might be a little too much

    I am not saying I am not a Bob Marley fan and I have tons of respect for what he has done; however, I think a national holiday for Bob Marley is a bit excessive. What did he really do to change things, besides having a lot of evolution on music?

  • He was just an entertainer.

    No, Toronto should not have an official Bob Marley Day, because there is no way to honor every Canadian that deserves a difference. There is no one person or group that can decide that someone's contribution is worthy of a special day and others are not. Many Canadians would deserve the honor.

  • Bob Marley wasn't even Canadian.

    No, the city of Toronto should not have a Bob Marley day, official or otherwise. There was a lot more to Bob Marley than his Rastafarian belief about smoking a lot of pot that most people don't seem to understand. But regardless, he wasn't even a Canadian citizen, so a day for him would be wrong.

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