Should torture be allowed as a disciplinary action for people in jail?

Asked by: CodingSource
  • It teaches them to act right

    Yes torture should be allowed in prison because they're owned by the state in prison and they need disciple and if that's the only way then ok. But it should only be for people who will be in there for the rest of their life and if they're going to be in there for more than 10 years

  • Prison is bad enough

    After watching documentaries such as 'The Stanford Prison Experiment', you are showed the behind the scenes of what really goes on in the prisons. The way they are treated and the difficult life they are forced to endure and adapt to is more then enough to discipline them. However, if this is more then the 2nd time they have visited the prison, then perhaps extreme measures do need to be taken. But that is a debate, and topic, for another day.

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