• Some murderers deserve this just punishment.

    How can you be sympathetic to someone who murders an unsuspecting, overall good citizen regardless of age? Jesus while on the cross gave sympathy to a thief, not a murderer. God will sort them out after all this is done and over-with. For now we must throw all murderers without any reasonable doubt and 100% evidence, feet first under a steam roller or wood chipper. Obama lovers will disagree.

  • James holmes.

    Doesnt matter his "mental" status. Doesnt matter if this will prevent future occurrences. I know capital punishment doesn't work to prevent crime.

    Justice, revenge, vengeance or just knowing the satisfaction that this man suffered for the rest of his days. Is something I and most people could live with I believe .To say that im a relatively normal American whos is slightly liberal. Wouldnt prove that I am and it doesn't really matter. But this is just something that should be done this man and men like him. Period.

    I know the slippery slope "like" so ill say just this man for now and leave "like men" for later.

  • In certain cases!

    I believe that in certain cases that torture should be legal. If it is in order to save American lives or protect America then by all means we need to leave it on the table as a option. It should only be used in the most serious of crimes. To protect America or to get information from a criminal.

  • Of course it should

    If some kidnapped and tortured your family, then finally killed them. Would just sending them to jail be sufficient enough? No, of course not, they should not be able to be feed three times a day, have a bed, have a source of water after what they had done. Lets be honest, you would do anything in you power to to make sure that they suffer as much as they made your family suffer.

  • Torture is a Crime

    Torture is cruel punishment that one human inflicts on another human. This should not be legal. It is wrong for one person to have the power to hurt another. Furthermore, if torture would made legal - then if a person were tortured to death, murder would be legal. This would lead to disaster.

  • No plus side

    Torture is neither an effective way to get information or even remotely acceptable in regards of human rights. Firstly, it wouldn't be practical as the subject of torture would say literally anything to escape the torture, therefore not being a liable source and would create a "Salem effect". Secondly, every human being should be treated as such. Seeing as even now, when violence should not be tolerated in any way, society is actively still coming up with excuses for violence against any member of a minority group, it's only possible that by legalizing "some" violence, we would also open a door to direct abuse of that exception.

  • Under No Circumstances

    No, torture should never be legal. Humans should never be in a position where it is acceptable to cause pain and suffering intentionally. Torture for the sake of obtaining information would not necessarily give valid, honest results. It is conceivable that in the desire to end the pain, humiliation and suffering, torture victims would give false information.

  • No It Should Not Be Legal

    Treating one another with dignity and respect is one of the most important parts of being human. There are other ways to get information besides torture, but torture breaks a human spirit. If someone has committed crime, torturing them does not necessarily lead to acquiring information. Often the lengths resorted to are very severe because of how prepared people are for torture. This dehumanizes both the one being tortured and the one doing the torturing.

  • Torture should not be legal

    Torture should not be legal. We are a civilized society and there needs to be standards that we follow as far as what is acceptable and unacceptable in the treatment of fellow human beings. Torture is cruel and unusual punishment. We do not have the right to treat other people in such a cruel way. If we start torturing people, where do we draw the line?

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