• If it is appositely necessary, then it should be done.

    Even though it is inhuman, I believe that one or a few persons, especially those who have committed a crime, should be tortured to get out information, that may just save many people's lives or a country. But I do not believe in gruesome torturing where one is beaten into a bloody pulp. Therefore, I would say that it should be only used when the time calls upon its use, not to a grotesque degree but by using a quick, clean and fast method.

  • As a last resort

    There are times when there is information that will directly lead to whether lives are or are not lost. In cases like that, if the person that definitively has the information won't give it up without torture, sorry, it needs to be done. It should be reserved for only extreme literal life or death situations and as a last resort.

  • Yes, I do believe torture should be used to attain information.

    Yes, I do believe torture should be used to attain information. For example, I believe that it should be used to find out things like where a terrorist has planted a bomb, or where hostages are being held. I do not believe that it should be used for small things, but for big important things that could save a lot of lives I do think it should be used.

  • They can also tell the false information while being tortured.

    If you torture people to get information, how do you know the information they told you is really true? Or, what if they die by torture? Dying is actually a big deal. Also, UN announced that everyone on earth have human rights. These are the reason why you shouldn't torture people to attain information.

  • Torture Is Inhumane

    I do not believe torture should be used as a method to obtain information. Torture is not okay and most people agree with this assessment, but using it can also lead to false or inaccurate information. Torture is something no country should participate in, as many have agreed to do with the Geneva Conventions.

  • No it is too dangerous

    Torture should not be used to get information from some one. We don't know if torture will work of if there is even any information to really get so we are knowingly hurting another individual in the worst possible way and all of it may be for nothing. I can not support that.

  • No torture should never be used

    I don't think torture is ever a good means to an end. You are purposely causing a lot of pain to another individual in hopes of getting information out of them. There is no guarantee it works or sometimes there is no guarantee they even have anything to tell you.

  • Torture should not be used to obtain information.

    Torture should not be used to obtain information. The only time that this should be allowed is in extreme circumstances when other people lives are at risk and the person that could help will not talk. Otherwise the use of torture for just punishment should never be used or allowed.

  • No, torture is unethical.

    No, torture shouldn't be used to obtain information. Its very unethical and poses lots of risks. Its method for extracting information is morally unjust, and life threatening. Torture has been enforced for centuries, but even when they are being tortured not everyone will tell the truth. They may feel as though they are going to die anyway, so why give up the secrets.

  • No, it is an unreliable method

    Torture tends to be an ineffective means of obtaining information because the person being tortured will often give false information or admit to crimes they did not commit simply to make the torture stop. There are far more reliable methods of obtaining information such as wire tapping, satellite imaging, and direct observation.

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