• Tough love should be used in classrooms

    It is my opinion that tough love should be used in classrooms in order to get the very best out of students. Teachers are not meant to be students' best friends. They are supposed to challenge each student intellectually, and this can only be done if the teacher doesn't show any favoritism to his or her students.

  • It is my opinion that tough love should be used in classrooms

    Children need tough love to get the best out of them they do not need to be placed in a bubble. Personal experience has shown me that when teachers do not push a child to excel. The child falls behind being damaged mentally and psychologically. Or as in a friends case her child was not prepared for the challenges of professors at the college/university level as the expectations in the secondary schools just are not there. Students, children, teens, young adults all need to be challenge to thrive.

  • Tough love should be used in classrooms

    Teachers do not have to take the time to get to know each and every student to use tough love. Tough love can be as simple as a failing grade, taking 10 percent off for a late assignment. Challenging students is a teachers job we hire them to teach not coddle students. Placing students in a bubble does damage to their self-esteem. Coddling them encourages abuse from other students. Causing some to fight back physically.

  • Classroom tough love results in hostile students

    Teachers do not have the time to get to know each and every student they have well enough to know who will and who will not respond well to a tough love approach. That makes it risky, because while it might help some, it can actually cause a great number of students to be set back in their self-esteem and studies.

  • Discipline starts at home.

    This idea of tough love is the responsibility of parents. If the parents are not providing the essentials of discipline at home, the best thing the school can do is remove the child from the classroom in order to avoid further disruption. The parents will either adjust the child's behavior, or they won't. There are other options for a disruptive child, but the state stepping in and using 'tough love' is not appropriate.

  • No, I don't think tough love should be used in classrooms.

    I think the potential for harm and damage is too much if teachers were allowed to use tough love in the classroom, overall I think teachers and administrators need to identify why a child is struggling or not performing and then developing a logical plan for fixing it, that is better solution then using tough love.

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