• National parks should be banned

    National parks, yes they can be a place for everyone to enjoy. If a National park is supposed to provide land for people to enjoy then what about the animals? Its their park as much as it's the people's. I mean that's what makes it a National park. If animals are going to be treated badly because of human interferences then I think that we should ban National parks, because animals has rights too.

  • Yes,we should ban tourism in national parks

    The disturbance cause by human interference often make the animals rigorous and dangerous.Due to human interference there is great decline in animal population. The chaos caused by vehicle and humans also disturbed them . And moreover some shy animals can't coup with this situation .And by all this animals become dangerous and rigorous. Thus we should not disturb animals in their natural habitat. ...

  • Tourism Should not be Banned in National Parks

    No, tourism should not be banned in national parks as part of the purpose of national parks is to provide that protected land to be enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. To ban tourism, then, would be silly. The parks should stay open to tourism and our citizens.

  • No, tourism needs to occur in parks to help keep the parks in operation.

    As much as tourism can destroy parts of National Parks, it should not be banned from them because these funds help keep the parks in operation. Instead, good regulation of the parks needs to be implemented to ensure that no destruction of park property occurs, especially at the hands of groups of teens and young adults.

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