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  • No need to avoid the US

    I do not believe that there is any call for tourists to avoid the United States. For one thing, the United States is a huge place and some issues, despite how much media they are receiving, are not widespread across all states. Withholding tourism can only cause financial issues which would make things worse.

  • The United States is incredibly safe.

    Police brutality, when comparing it to terrorism is nothing. The United States is a treasure trove of history and is rich with people in it's past. It's a place worth visiting. Of course, under the context that this debate question is being compared to terrorism, police brutality does not fairly equate.

  • No, but they should be careful.

    Tourist should not avoid United States but they should be careful especially if they are black. The shooting events clearly shows that there is a problem in some areas and this should concern anybody who is black. Bahamas has issued a travel advisory to its citizens traveling in the United States, its shows things are not that smooth.

  • No, tourists do not need to avoid the U.S.

    No, there is no reason for tourists to avoid the U.S. The country is very large, and the likelihood of being involved in riots or other problems is very small. Visitors could easily plan itineraries in the U.S. that do not include stops in hot spots, or if they do visit one, they can simply not go into the part of the city where a protest is scheduled.

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