• Yes, DreamWorks Animation is a sound investment for Hasbro.

    DreamWorks is a company that has made its mark in some of the highest grossing mainstream animation films of not only this decade but the last. I don't think anyone would deny if DreamWorkds would be a good earner but there is a question of price. Assuming the price is fair and Hasbro has the resources to keep DreamWorks afloat, this should prove to be a great move for the company.

  • Yes, Hasbro should buy DreamWorks Animation.

    Hasbro's traditional market base in physical toys is rooted in a slightly earlier age of consumer culture, before digital products played such a large role in the average person's life and the consumption of digital goods became a widespread phenomenon. That Hasbro is considering buying DreamWorks seems to indicate that they see the writing on the wall, that in order to survive as a company, they need to expand further into the digital marketplace.

  • No, they would potentially put themselves at odds with Disney.

    Hasbro and Disney currently have a good relationship. The toy company makes the licensed Star Wars toys, and Disney now owns Star Wars. Hasbro is also scheduled to get the Disney Princesses line of toys from Mattel in 2016. Buying a company like Dreamworks could put the toymaker at odds with Disney, a lucrative partnership they shouldn't destroy.

  • Keep everything seperate

    As a child (and still now) I enjoy these companies. I completely believe that a lot of companies should stay seperate and never merge. This is a case of this. To me, Hasbro and DreamWorks Animation are completley different companies. One makes toys while one makes movies. This 100% means that they should stay seperate and stick to what they do best.

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