• Yes, for their safety.

    Yes, traffic enforcers should possess guns, because there are a lot of violent crimes that start out as traffic investigations. If a person has a warrant for their arrest, the person might flee from law enforcement. A weapon is very important to effect an arrest, in that situation. If the person in the car has a gun, the person enforcing traffic needs to be able to defend themselves.

  • Never know what could happen

    When it comes to Traffic Enforcers being able to possess guns, I think it isn't the worst idea; even though it could very well raise some eyebrows for some particular people. The way I see it, nobody knows what tomorrow brings and I feel it is strictly a safety precaution.

  • Traffic Enforcers should possess guns.

    Traffic Enforcers should possess guns. All criminals travel at some point or the other and this can put traffic enforcers at risk daily. They should be allowed to carry a gun for protection just as the police are allowed to do. Anything else, give them the weapons they need because you do not know where violence will happen.

  • Traffic Forcers don't need guns.

    I don't think that traffic enforcers need guns. I think that a stun gun and perhaps pepper spray should be the limit of the powers that they possess over people. They are not really seeking criminals, they are seeking violators of regulation. It shouldn't be deemed required for them to have guns.

  • No, there is no need for guns.

    Guns are meant for situations that are inherently violent and only those who are law enforcers such as the police should have them and even then the guns should be rarely used. It does not seem that a traffic enforcer would need that and to have access would only escalate a violent situation that does emerge.

  • Anything can happen in a fit of rage.

    Traffic enforcers will often have to deal with difficult situations. These situations can get them angry. It would be a dangerous idea to give them a gun, when they are in a position to get angry. Not only this, but if they did ever decide to pull a gun on someone, what if the other person has a gun as well? This can create a very bad situation.

  • Designated traffic enforcers should not posess guns while on duty.

    Traffic enforcers have no need for deadly force to fulfill there responsibilities. Traffic infractions rarely lead to violent encounters. In the case that a traffic enforcer cannot physically control the situation, he should radio for backup (criminal police unit) and stand by. Even if the perpetrator flees, the traffic enforcer will have recorded the vehicle information for further investigation.

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