Should trannies be allowed to participate in sports as the sex they "identify" as?

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Legally allowed, Yes

    Yes, They should be legally allowed but what should happen is we should get the governement out of the sports industry and schools and leave it up to the individual sport leagues/ organizations or school districts. The governement shouldn't be involved. Remove them and it will literally solve the problem.

  • No, Its wrong

    There are basic biological differences between the sexes, Men have more muscle mass than women. So it would be unfair to allow a man to compete in a women's team, He has an unfair advantage. Liberals just can't grasp basic 3rd grade biology. Also we shouldn't allow men in women's locker room, Regardless if the man "identifies" himself as a woman, He's delusional and just plain creepy.


    Trannies identity is based on how they feel. Their emotions. We cannot prove that they are lying, If they are that is. We also cannot tell if a fully grown male adult who may or may not be a pedophile is truly a tranny. It's a mental disease. They should be treated, Not given what they supposedly want.
    Give them their own team. We don't need two for tranny males and tranny females. Just the one, Because they can't seem to decide what they are.

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