Should transexual be allowed to use the restroom they want without surgery or hormones

Asked by: James38562
  • They Deserve To Feel Comfortable Too

    People are saying people would feel uncomfortable about using the same bathrooms, but how? They wouldn't have to see it or anything there are stalls for a reason. Its like sharing a bathroom with your brother. We also need to think of how the transgender people feel. Being a transgender many people bully/abuse them because of what they are. So by forcing them to go into a bathroom that is not of their gender can be a danger as well as make them uncomfortable. And by saying we shouldn't because we are making the majority of people uncomfortable is discriminating against minorities. And oh my gosh @harrytruman , that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard anyone say in my life and is not even a valid argument! So basically let's ignore that and pretend that you never said anything because that is an absolutely disgusting frame of mind to have. NO ONE HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS! Also with the rape deal, if people want to commit rape its going to happen regardless of the place. So it is not an issue. And anyhow how are people going to be able to know if someone is using the bathroom? How are people going to be able to ensure that only the people who have the same genitals are using the bathroom? Is someone going to be there to check, because if that is the plan someone is proposing that is a huge violation of our privacy. So it causes no harm we can't treat someone differently because they aren't the same as us. That is discrimination and is extremely ignorant. People all deserve the same rights because we are all... Wait for it... HUMANS! No one is less of more of a human and we ALL deserve to use the bathroom which makes us the most comfortable.

  • I see no reason why not

    I see no reason why not. Rape is not even an issue. I see no harm from it. Even if it makes someone uncomfortable that is their problem, not the transexual's. If they truly live life as the opposite sex why bother them. Using the proper restroom is an important part of transition.

  • People should have the right to act and live according to how they feel they should.

    If you are worried about where OTHER PEOPLE are pissing, You obviously have fucked up priorities. Anyone should be able to use the restroom that they feel best corresponds with their identity. I work with many trans and non confirming teens and adults, Many of which who have even been forced into self injury from the humiliation that occurred when someone is forced to use the restroom that they don’t conform with.

  • Of course they should.

    If someone was born a woman, and transitioned to male, then they went into the restroom of a female--BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT--the female would more than likely yell at them to leave. So they leave and feel ashamed. All they want to do is take a piss man. We have bigger issues than deciding where SOMEONE ELSE wants to pee.

  • There have been co-ed bathrooms and saunas for a long time in Europe.

    Europe doesn't seem to have a problem with co ed bathrooms, locker rooms, or saunas. They've been around for centuries - even dating back to the Roman Empire. The fear of a sudden surge in violence against girls and women if men are allowed in an enclosed space with them seems to be an American problem. And why is this?

  • They should, but...

    I think they should have a separate bathroom because some people might not know about the cause which could cause confusion when a transgender girl walks into a men's bathroom and vice versa. And i dont think it would be fun for the transgender person to explain to angry or confused people why they are in that bathroom.

  • No they shouldn't

    Transgender people are mentally ill, they shouldn't use either, the only bathroom they should use is the little maniacs room at the mental hospital, these people think they are a gender they obviously are not and they mutilate themselves to make themselves "look more like their proper gender.
    And this guy James38562 is crazy, he says that RAPE ISN'T A BIG DEAL, WHO CARES IF IT MAKES THE VICTIM UNCOMFORTABLE?

    This statement CLEARLY illustrates the cancerous tumor that is the homosexual movement, and the moral atrocities that it has caused.

  • No, definitely not.

    There are different bathrooms for men and women for a reason. No matter how much a transexual might wish they belong to the opposite gender, they don't. Gender has to do with physical attributes, not wishes. Not to mention the fact that tons of people would abuse a system where actual gender was disregarded.

    It's pretty simple. Do you have a penis? Men's bathroom. Vagina? Women's.

  • No they shouldn't

    We have separate bathrooms because of the PHYSICAL differences between the sexes, not he social differences between us, so it does not matter what she socially identifies as, if she is PHYSICALLY a male she must use the mens bathroom. We can't force millions and millions of biological women to be uncomfortable 0.03% of the population.

  • Because that's not their gender.

    The concept of separate bathrooms for each gender is contingent on the fact that there are two separate genders that have distinct definitions. Just because you claim to be the opposite gender does not make you so. If it did, I could walk into a women's bathroom whenever I felt like it, and if i was ever questioned about it I could just lie and say that I was a woman. The idea that someone who is entirely physically one gender could, in any way, be a member of the opposite gender, is absolutely absurd.

  • Transgenders are not human!

    WTF, Transgenders should be eradicated, Why do we live in a would where gender is a debatable subject? There is specifically 2 genders Male and Female not the other 9000 other made up. Yeah sure thy have all right to feel comfortable and feel equal, But we shouldn’t be using the money we pay to support them with there operations and most of all we should not be changing our ways and tradition for their likings.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Regardless of how one identifies, the definition of one's SEX is based on purely biological criterions which makes you either a BOY, or a GIRL (hermaphrodites are not fully functional with both sexes, look it up). SEX is not a choice, just like so many other birth characteristics, genetics, and no matter how much you identify as the opposite SEX, you can not change it. Especially since transitioning from one SEX to another using these "surgeries" and "hormone therapies" does not even make you fully functional in the desired SEX, for instance, a man who had a surgery to try to look like a woman, no matter how close he resembles to a woman visually (everywhere except on the genitals and other typical characteristics such as hips and shoulders length ratios, jawline lengths, etc), this person is still a man, can not and will never be able to become pregnant. This isn't oppression, it's a constraint of nature and no one is to blame because this is the way it is. So, given all these premises, you can trivially conclude that men transexuals can and must only go to MEN bathrooms and women transexuals can and must only go to WOMEN bathrooms. Simple, no ? Transexual people are just gays who fantasise having their opposite SEX.

  • My only question is...

    What is to stop just any perverted male from cross-dressing, in order to get a sneak peak in the womans bathroom? Lets not forget that there are probably far more sexual deviants, than there are actual transsexuals. Until a solution is created where womens restrooms are entirely private, because most men probably wouldn't care if a woman came into their restroom, but I doubt that the opposite is true.

  • This is pretty simple if you have common since

    Okay so if you truly want to be a women and you truly believe in your heart your a women then you are going to want to get a vagina no matter what college or becoming a real women you pick surgery is between 15k-70k as much as college work full time as a man and transform into a women when you get that job and can afford to get your penis turned into a vagina until then your a crossdresser and you should only be using the mens bathroom just until you get the penis to vagina surgery that 100% fair no arguments

  • Why should a statistical minority make the vast majority uncomfortable?

    I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home and if you want to pretend your a man or a women and have a surgery that is none of my business. The problem is not every man in a dress is trans and there have been cases where men have pretended to be trans to sexually assault women. I never want to worry about my grand daughter, daughter, wife or mother being attacked because some sick pervert found a way to prey on them in a place where they are supposed to be safe.

  • No they should not

    I can say im gay and i can also dress in baggy clothes and claimed to of been born a man in a womens body but the doesnt give me a reason to go into the mens bathroom! Never would i ever want to walk out of a stall only to see a grown man in a wig washing his hands in the sink!!!

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