Should transgender individuals be allowed in the locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, etc, of the gender they identify with?

Asked by: Godgirl
  • Yes, by definition.

    Male person = male locker room.
    Female person = female locker room.

    Male person who happens to be trans still = male person
    Female person who happens to be trans still = female person

    Therefore, they should go where they belong. Does this make sense? I think it does. Transgender males/females are males/females too. Respectively.

  • Why not let them?

    If it makes them feel better I feel they should be allowed. I know a boy who was a transgender girl and she had to change in the nurses office. It simply reminds children once again that they are not the gender that want to be and upsets them and makes them feel uncomfortable as well. The worse part is that if people believe that someone is for example a girl and realize that they are actually a boy. It gives them another reason to bully them and simply spread their real identity which will really make the transgender child again remind them of their real identity

  • Yes, of course

    If some one identifies as a male/female, they should be allowed to use a male/female toilet, locker room, etc. Also, if a rapist wants to rape someone in a changing room or toilet, they won't lie about their gender to get in there, they will just follow you in there and try to rape you, so stop saying that all transgender people are rapists because it makes you sound like a moron.

  • It can helps

    I know some people are rapists. Key word: SOME! Not all people are rapists. Plus, they are probably going through hard times. Telling them the have to use the "wrong" bathroom only makes things worse. It's like forcing a man to go into the women's bathroom for no reason!


  • It can help

    I know some people are rapists. Key word: SOME! Not all people are rapists. Plus, they are probably going through hard times. Telling them the have to use the "wrong" bathroom only makes things worse. It's like forcing a man to go into the women's bathroom for no reason!


  • It can help

    I know some people are rapists. Key word: SOME! Not all people are rapists. Plus, they are probably going through hard times. Telling them the have to use the "wrong" bathroom only makes things worse. It's like forcing a man to go into the women's bathroom for no reason!


  • Trans people should have every right to use the locker rooms of their gender

    There isn't a reason not to let trans people use the right locker room, mens locker rooms are for men, including trans men, and vice versa for women. Nobody should be changing out in the open, trans or not. Stalls exist for a reason. Trans people deserve the same rights as anyone else.

  • IT is 2018 get with the program.

    Now that we are in 2018 we shouldn't even be debating about this topic anymore. Most of the time it depends on their behavior that they exhibit while changing the locker rooms or showers etc. Telling a transgender to change in their assigned locker room could cause physical/emotional abuse. No one wants to go through that because it is awful. As of 2018 we shouldn't have to question the people that identify as transgender, honestly just let them live their lives and you can live your own and ignore it.

  • It depends on their behavior.

    They should only use the women's change room if they are really transgender. But we cannot know for sure, I would be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they have an erection they should not flaunt it. Not hide it, but not flaunt it either. And they should limit their naked time to 5 minutes when coming. Naked, Shower, put on bathing suit. And 20 minutes maximum when leaving. Naked. Shower. Blow dry and brush hair. Put on body lotion and get dressed. Of course if there is a queue for the blow drier it could be longer.

    It's not an excuse to prance around like a nudist. If they are obviously an exhibitionist and they prance around for much longer than appropriate they should be photographed and no longer permitted to use the women's change room until their surgery is completed.

    If they masturbate or touch someone, they should be banned forever.

  • No. This has gone too far.

    This gender situation has gone too far. Sorry but unless you are intersex, then your social gender should be that of your biological gender. You can be a masculine female, you can be a feminine male. You can feel you prefer to be a male or female but that doesn't mean you are a male or female. Transgender male (female) should not be allowed to use male (female) locker rooms. (Doesn't matter if you have surgery or not.)

  • Yes and no, It depends.

    If they are before the operation, then they need to be in the sex-specific locker room/shower/etc. Afterwards, they can. In-between, it's hard to say.

    . . . . . . . The fluff though . .. . . . . . Fluff is unbelievable . . . . . .

  • A private locker room would be better

    Whether you agree with it or not, many people may not be comfortable having a transgender around them in that scenario, particularly if they are "pre-op". Imagine you are a woman showering, and suddenly you realize that the person beside you has a penis and testicles. There's also the issue of possible sexual abuse, on multiple levels. Whether it be toward a transgender in the locker room (e.G. Getting raped), or people pretending to be transgender just to be a voyeur. I think having a private locker room for situations like this is a far better solution.

  • Hold on a second

    Under the question's idea, couldn't I technically go wherever I want? I am a male, thus I go to male locker rooms. However, say I am feeling a little "attracted" to the girls, and instead head to the female locker room. All I have to do is pronounce my pronoun as a female and I can get in there, and if the school refuses to let me then I can sue them for "sexism" or whatever. Right? Isn't that pretty much what the question is asking? I am a little confused by the first comment on the "yes" side; it seems to be supporting the "no" side even though it's on the "yes" side.

  • It depends on the room... You can't lump these rooms together

    I see a lot of religious arguments against trans rights and I see just as many liberal comments for these rights... But you do not see much in regards to the rights of the majority.

    As a man, I don't care who is in the stall next to me as long as they are willing to pass the toilet paper as needed....

    I however do not believe that in any situation where nudity will be involved that people of a confused gender should be allowed to make others uncomfortable for the sake of their own comfort.

    If you have a penis... You are biologically male... And while you may "feel" as if you should have been born female that will not have any bearing at all to the reaction that "real" females will have to having an exposed penis out around them. I know that trans people hate the body they are born with and don't want to look at it... Well, no one else wants to look at it either so... Could we choose to not look at it together? I think we can all come together on agreeing that NO ONE wants to look at your naked body out of specific contexts.

  • Are we just growing stupid as a culture?

    I challenge any of these people, that agree with allowing the physically opposite sex to intermix in the shower rooms, to do something. Put yourself in the mental place of a school girl in the girls locker room, strip down nude, and allow yourself to be viewed by the opposite sex, and view the opposite sex. The same situation goes for boys.

    Even as a full grown adult, without the insecurities of a child, I would not stand for the opposite sex being allowed in a changing room or shower room or anywhere that nudity is probable and is designated by physical gender.

    Political correctness is ruining this country.

  • Absolutely not, It could be dangerous even.

    Two reasons:

    Solution leaves the door wide open for someone identifying as "trans" to get access to a private location of a singular gender. Say someone wants to rape someone, I suspect rapists suddenly all become "trans"

    Point taken? Bad Idea.

    Discomfort of everyone else. It's just weird to have someone clearly identifying as the opposite sex when they're not evidently so. This just makes people feel edgy. The last way I want to feel when I'm relieving myself is edgy.

  • Just hear me out..

    I believe that there should be private bathrooms and changing rooms for transgender individuals. If a trans female goes into a female restroom/changing room, and one of the cisgender females discover that she has a penis, there could be physical and/or sexual abuse. The same goes for transgender men. The government should make private restrooms/changing rooms for transgender individuals. I am androgynous myself, which is another kind of genderqueer. I fully suppor all LGBTQ+ rights, but I do not believe that transgender people should be in locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, or changing rooms, for their own safety.

  • Of course not

    We have separate changing and bath rooms because of the physical differences between men and women not the social differences. So as long as you are physically a man you have to go I the men's bath or changing room . Recently men were going into the women's lockers rooms, in some pc college where they allowed this bs, and filming women in the shower. What happens if a 5 year old sees a naked man changing?. Come on guys, have some common sense.

  • No, obviously not.

    Men use the men's locker room, women use the women's locker room. Do you have a penis? Men's room. Vagina? Women's. It's really that simple

    Also, so many people would abuse this sort of system.

    Random words to fill the requirement: tractor, run, light, tiger, grass, guitar, grasshopper, talk, basketball.

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