• If there is no rule that says a contestant has to be female, then...

    Yes, I think if there is no rule against transgender people being included into a beauty pageant then why would they be excluded. If a man physically, through surgery makes himself in to a women, then she should have a chance to compete in the contest. Fair is fair, but then this brings up another issue should she, the transgender that used to be a man, be allowed in the dressing room with women. There are so many issues that can arise with this situation.

  • Yes they should.

    Transgender people should be allowed in beauty pageants. They have made the choice to change their gender, and they should not be discriminated against for that choice. America is the land of opportunity, and they should be allowed to participate in anything that their new gender is able to do.

  • Transgender People Should Be Allowed in Beauty Pageants

    Yes, transgender people should be allowed in beauty pageants as such pageants are not about sex or gender, they are about beauty. If a transgender person can appear as beautiful as the other contestants, there is no reason to deny that person entry. So yes, allow transgender people to participate!

  • Yes, they should

    Transgender people are people ... Human like everyone else. If someone was born a male and expresses and identifies as female, then so be it. I'm not sure why people make such a big fuss. Probably because they don't know about transgender people and were probably raised by bigots. To not allow a transwoman to enter in a beauty contest is outright discrimination and a hurtful thing to do.

  • Transgender people should be allowed in beauty pageants.

    Transgender people should be allowed in beauty pageants. I thought that beauty pageants were open to anyone that wanted to be in them. I think that anyone that wants to participate in a beauty pageant should be allowed to. There is nothing wrong with transgender people wanting to take part in something.

  • Let the LGBT in, On the Beauty pageants.

    Cause they deserve to show what they have and also the talent that they didn't show to us. So its not right to push the Transgender on the other country to leave in our country. It is beacuse they worthless? No your wrong. They are human to they have a freedom to branch out what the talent they have.

  • Equality's true beauty

    We must always remember that true beauty cannot be seen by physical aspect/s but by what is in our heart. Enabling LGBT's to join international beauty pageants, Such as the Miss Universe, Will enable homosexuals to make their voice louder for equality and make more supports for the LGBT Community.

  • Yes It should be allowed

    Each country has a different culture, Beliefs or traditions and some of this country are legalized the same sex marriage. So if a transsexual joins in the Miss Universe pageant she was only representing the culture of her country that the transsexual has rights to live and to be married.

  • Progress in equality

    I think if someone who’s tras can meet the requirements to get in they should be allowed its really no different then a cis person compeating. Not to mention it would break the cycle of racist and sexist nature beauty pageants are built around and show other people who are tras that theres nothing wrong with them. If you can get a tras person in there and they win it could open the door for pageants to be judged fairly.

  • Transgender Should Be Allowed

    At first I was in the "NO" column and midway through my argument I realized that I did not have a valid point! I don't like that a person can go to a plastic surgeon and take hormones and look like a beauty queen. But then, Isn't that whats happening with many of the other contestants who were born as women? There should be a beauty contest for women who have not had cosmetic surgery to look the way they do. Many contestants are totally fake these days but I'm sure the initial Miss America Pageant was about NATURAL BEAUTY. Since there are many women making modifications to be the best looking contestant then there is no reason why Miss Spain can't do the same and compete. So, Yes, She should be able to compete because the modifications she made to her body are not set apart from contestants that were born women but had physical modifications, They are just more extensive. So, Good luck Miss Spain.

  • I believe NO

    Transgender people should be allowed in pageants that are made for transgenders. It would be unfair for a woman born a woman to be beat in a contest by someone who was born a male. I say that for two reasons: 1) Some get plastic surgery, so their new face would be designed to be as appealing to the opposite sex as possible. Most girls don't get feature-enhancing surgeries, so they will be competing with a face and/or body that was not the transgenders to begin with. Doesn't seem fair to me. It isn't fair that natural faces (with flaws and imperfections) should compete with faces that are designed and fake.2.) I am an old fashioned kind of girl. I believe that if God made you a man, you are a man. You aren't meant to be a woman that enters beauty contests in general. You can do that while being a man :)

  • No, they should not be allowed in regular beauty pageants.

    Transgender people should be allowed to take part in beauty pageants if the pageants are made for them; for example, a male to female beauty pageant specifically designed for them to take part in. However, letting them in to regular beauty pageants, such as Miss America, would be unfair to the other contestants who were born female.

  • No, they should not be allowed in beauty pageants.

    Of course, Transgender people are people. They should have the right to be in the beauty pageants which are only prepare for the transgender people. In male or female's beauty pageants, transgender people should not be allowed because I do not think that people who dislike there original gender and did the transgender surgery are consider as beauty. Otherwise, people who done the Plastic Surgery should also be allowed to the pageants

  • No they should not

    Beauty pageants involve naturally-born females, Transgender people are fake females. Also, Transgender people have artificial modifications to their body (how else will they become transgender). Instead, Transgender people should be allowed in Auschwitz. Just like the olympics, Although the outside is female-esque, The inside may be male, Such as chromosomes.

  • Transgender not allowed to join in pageant.

    This pageant is for only on "NATURALLY BORN" FEMALE, If you allowed the transgender to join that pageant what will be be happened? More people can be discriminate, And violence to them and also what will be happened to naturally born female? They can have a chance to faced their beauty.

  • No to LGBTQ+s

    Being confused in your sexuality is not a valid reason to create a community that involves and encourage many people to be wahat they want to be or just to be themselves. For me, Letting transgenders gt involved in any beauty pageants, Is not fair and is wrong. I love lgbts but i don't support them because we only have 2 genders, MEN and WOMEN only. And if we let LGBTQs rule the world or letting them to multiply, God will surely not be happy. Trust God, Read and share His words so that everyone will know the truth and everyone will be saved

  • It is unfair for naturally born women.

    Based on sex orientation, Women are naturally shorter than men. Transgenders, Even though have changed their sexual orientation are still gifted with the physical attributes men has, Such as height. Only few women exceeds the height requirement for beauty pageants, But almost all men can qualify to such requirement. Allowing transgender women to join in pageants would be unfair to those natural born women who possess the beauty, The body and the brain but not the height.

  • Pageants don’t DESERVE transgender people

    The industry forces beauty and sexist ideals onto the contestants despite telling the to “be themselves” they create unsafe environments for children contestants and they help push the same beauty ideals that encourage eating disorders, Skin tanning/bleaching, Bulling and depression in extreme cases. If you treat others in such a judging way, Don’t deserve to judge tras people. Especially when everyone else is judging you.

  • Transgender People should not be allowed to enter the competition.

    (1) It will give idea to most girls that they can undergo surgical operations to alter their bodies to the beauty standards set because transgender people are allowed to do so. This is just beyond transphobia.
    (2) If transgender people are allowed to enter the competition because they feel like women, Then we should allow all people to enter the competition as long as they feel like they're women even if they still have penises.
    Overall, Transgender defeats the purpose of pageant categorization.

  • Transgender should not join Miss Universe.

    I highly support LGBTQ community and they have been recognized all over the world as well. Joining Miss U is a disrespect to natural born women who are aspiring to be a queen. This is not discriminating, Inequality nor bullying, But, There are pageants who are meant for transgenders other than Miss U. If Miss Universe's door opened for trans, There might be more than transgender women who'll join the pageant in the long run and before we know it, All the competitors are trans. This pageant is meant to be competed against naturally born women. There must've been a naturally born woman in each country whose deserving to represent their country.

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