Should transgender people be allowed in the Miss Universe pageant?

  • Yes, by definition they are female

    Once a transgender person has finished the transition, then he has officially turned female. Why wouldn't someone like this be allowed? She's female now, so she should be allowed to compete with other females. The only reason to stop this is if someone thinks it's weird, and that's no reason to do anything.

  • Yes

    Yes, transgender people should be allowed in the Miss Universe pageant. Male to Female transgender people are people who are female mentally and before they go under any corrective surgery they have to be signed off on to back up that this is truly how they feel and who they are meant to be. So, in all ways, they would be women and should be allowed to compete in pageants intended for women.

  • Transgender People Should Not Be Allowed in the Miss Universe Pageant

    First of all, the rules should be followed regarding the Miss Universe Pageant. Though not having access to such rules at this time, I have to believe that the rules stress the gender that is to be involved in the event. If there is such a rule then it should not be broken and should also remain and not be changed.

  • Equality in all areas

    We fight so hard to say that it should be fair for women to take part and compete in what we classify as a male thing (example: Football, Nascar...) I feel that it should go both ways. Unless of course women are just jealous that they got beat by a hotter looking guy. Lol sorry I had to throw in that last part.

  • Absolutely yes yassssss

    You should be able to compete because you are a women and have beauty, besides pageants are stupid why do you need to even be judged on your beauty? Even if you don't make it to the pageant winner, you are still beautiful because you are who you are and that whats important

  • YES. It is because Transsexual women are real females.Both science and psychology prove it.

    Transgender females are born male ( as they appear ) but their brain is a real female (neurologically). This is obviously a sort of birth defect and its diagnosis is called 'Gender Identity Disorder' or ' Gender Dysphoria.'

    It's okay to include transwomen to Miss Universe Pageants because a Transwoman IS a real female.

    It doesn't mean that being born as a Transgender female means less female.

    Please learn about the science and psychology about Transsexualism.

    Posted by: radz
  • You shouldn't even have to be a woman!

    As long as a candidate dresses and behaves in a way that expresses feminine characteristics for the purposes of the contest then of course they should be allowed to compete. The "Miss" simply refers to the nature of the contest as being about expressing and appreciating femininity in all people that enjoy and desire to express their strong femininity in the variety of ways involved in the contest. Biological sex does not need to stand in the way of this, anybody is capable of being feminine and embodying feminine beauty and mystique, no discussion.

  • It's up to the pageant director, but sure.

    I'm not in the camp that believes people with penises can be female, and I understand 'Miss' is a gender-specific label, but I'm on the 'yes' side because the Miss Universe pageant is a competition about feminine beauty, not having a vagina, and it can easily be argued that 'Miss' is just a figurative supporting label for feminine beauty, not to be taken literally. Why? Well, nobody's applying the same scrutiny to the word 'Universe'. I mean, these women aren't actually universes, are they? Does that mean they can't be in the competition, or does that mean 'universe' is not meant to be taken literally? If so, then why should 'Miss' be taken literally either?
    Conclusion, if the guy kicks enough ass at looking like a drop-dead gorgeous hot chick, there is no reason not to let him compete.

  • It's up to the pageant director, but sure.

    I'm not in the camp that thinks people with penises and testicles can be female, and I fully understand 'Miss' is a gender-specific label, but I'm on the 'yes' side for this question because the Miss Universe competition is about expressing feminine beauty, not having a vagina. The word 'Miss' can easily be argued as being just a figurative supporting label exemplifying feminine beauty, not a term to be taken literally. Why? Well, the word 'universe' is in the title too, does that mean we have to exclude all women too because they're not technically 'universes' in the literal sense? No, it doesn't.
    As for the argument about the rules against people undergoing plastic surgery being allowed in the competition, fine, don't allow transgenders who underwent plastic surgery. But there is such a thing as transgenders who have not undergone plastic surgery (if that confuses you, google the difference between 'transgender' and 'transsexual'), so they haven't broken any rules simply on the basis of being transgender.

  • Transgender Models Should Be Miss Universe

    These people are women. Though they may not have been born like that, they still deserve respect. What happened to not judging people based on their race/religion. Just because some people can't handle modern society doesn't mean everyone else can't. This is simply a modern segregation movement. It will end with transgender models being entered in the contest.

  • Um, Absolutely Not!

    These pageants are for NATURAL BORN FEMALES, and the women aren't allowed to have plastic surgery transformations. I don't care if your transgendered but how are us pageant girls supposed to compete against science and plastic surgery and hormone supplements. The rules say natural born and that is how it needs to be.

  • No of course not

    A MTF transgender is not a woman at all. The requirement is to have the sex of a female, an XX chromosome, at the least XO should be allowed. Transgenders are prone to use silicone and hormone treatments to try to give them the edge as well. Honestly HRT and silicone should be banned in pageants. They should just go join that Transgender Pageant Queen thing.

  • Miss = Female = Ovaries.

    I am not Against Tran gender at all I applaud the for being true to their being and carving their own individual path in this world. However I'm sorry but genetically they and you are different and it is simply not organic and not true that you should represent and compete as a women. You have your struggle and we have ours but leave the competition and the identity of Miss Universe Or competitive sports to born female.

  • No, because they are so artificially created.

    I do believe that a transgender woman is a woman. But she has undergone so much cosmetic surgery in most cases that it does not seem right to be in a pageant. However, if others with a lot of cosmetic surgery are allowed to compee then maybe it is okay.

  • Later, it will become a pageant for TRANSGENDERS and NOT for WOMEN

    I think Mr. Donald Trump should reject his decision before because this prestigious PAGEANT was made ONLY for WOMEN and NOT for WOMEN WHO WERE BORN MEN sorry to say but THAT'S THE TRUTH. I know that THEY are ACCEPTED nowadays and they also have beauty pageants but the MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT is not for them and other beauty pageants like MISS WORLD, MISS INTERNATIONAL, MISS SUPRANATIONAL, and others that are made only for REAL WOMEN. And if she (HE) joins at those pageants that I mentioned, she (HE) should be DISQUALIFIED

  • Absolutely not!! It's stated in the rules.

    The rules in many pageants state that a contestant needs to be born female. The rules also state that contestants must not have had plastic surgery. Although, we all know most of the contestants do. So therefore, technically, these people have altered their bodies and that's growns for disqualification. Transgender people have their own pageants. So it isn't like they don't have opportunities.

  • Of course not

    They have their own pageants, so why do they need to join a pageant which is for"a naturally born women" and technically they are born men, they're just a product of science. We accept transgenders nowadays, but aren't they satisfied of the contests that they have.? They should be proud of it cause they also have their own contest. What will happen if all of the transgenders will join miss universe.? Will it mean that their own pageant will be lost.?

  • No they shouldnt

    They shouldnt. Plastic surgery isnt allowed, or any other bodily changes, so they technically go into that category. They had to alter their appearance to undergo the transformation, and that is against the rules for the pageant. They can model and do other things, but not compete in Miss Universe or Miss America.

  • No

    I am sorry, but no. The person remains their original gender for ever. The universe or God (depending on what you believe) did not "make a mistake" or whatever. I support transgender rights, but this is like asking if men should be allowed in the Miss Universe pageant. It's not discrimination, it's just that it's the MISS- and not the MISS, MR, and TRANSGENDER Universe pageant. Perhaps a third gender should be defined, i.e. transgender, so this confusion can always be averted. You get natural men and natural women. Once one chooses to do the transition, they become a hybrid (however disgusting and disrespectful it may sound).

  • No, it would only hurt the pageant

    Most people that watch the pageant would find it to be disgusting to watch transgenders compete in the pageant and therefore probably choose not to follow it. Not to mention that these transgenders are not really even women, they just claim to be. I think that majority rule wins here and that they should not allow transgenders in the pageant simply because a slim minority wants them to be in it.

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jaksunmadness says2014-04-16T22:27:52.170
Why don't they just go to "fageants."
jaksunmadness says2014-04-22T17:11:35.177
Should we allow chimpanzees and donkeys to be in the miss universe pageant too?