Should transgender people be prosecuted for using the 'wrong' bathroom?

  • A transgender male should be prosecuted for using the men's bathroom.

    Some of these transgender males with boob jobs look very convincing. Having one of them, especially an attractive, sexy one enter a men's room is asking for trouble. In the best case, it could arise the men's attention in the bathroom and in the worst case, it could get the transgender person raped. Therefore, transgender males should NOT use the men's room. They should use the ladies' room or else get prosecuted by authorites.

  • If wrong you mean the sex they changed into yes

    A MTF should not be entering a women's bathroom and a FTM should not be entering men's bathroom period. They are not what they changed into they will always be the sex they were born as till the very end. You're either born a man or a woman, evolution intended for this. Stop trying to destroy the evolution lineage.

  • It's just a matter of safety

    I really don't like the idea of transgender people using the wrong bathroom. You are born with a sex, and that's your gender - regardless of what you say. Anyone can dress up as the opposite sex can enter the bathroom they say "corresponds to my gender identity" and they can be completely lying. Many will use it to cause harm to others and I don't think so many people's lives should feel threatened just because of a minority.

  • Transgenders are only cross dressers.

    Nothing more. No one really cares what you identify with in your 'brain' or 'heart'. What matters is the equipment you have down below. You have a penis? Go to the men's bathroom. You have a vagina? Off to the women's for you. You have neither? Well that sucks, how do you urinate? Unless you have completed a sex change, you are not allowed in the opposite sex's bathroom.

  • Stop living an illusion!

    Transgender people are putting themselves in a fantasy world that they just want to dance around in.
    Let's say I thought I was Abraham Lincoln. People coddle me and tell me I am Abraham Lincoln. They even give me a top hat.
    But then they decide to go overboard and rebuild the theater that I think I was assassinated in.
    Then they shoot me because I want them to.
    What have I just done to myself? I walked into a trap.
    Then, the blame is MINE because I wanted to be Lincoln instead of accepting who I really am and not pretending to be something I'm not.
    Instead of hiding that I wanted to be Lincoln, I was open about it. That got me assassinated.
    So I ask you, is this example so different than pretending to be the opposite gender? No.
    These people are throwing a pity party for themselves by walking into a place they aren't even supposed to be. They just want attention instead of the help they need.

  • It is immoral.

    I'm sorry a man has no business in a womens restroom no matter how gender confused he is. Women have their right to privacy and right to feel comfortable in thier own bathroom. Men have the right to privacy and right to feel comfortable without a transgender woman walking in and being able to observe them using the urnal.

  • It is completely immoral.

    It just isn't right. It is a safety hazard, meaning that a man could say that he is 'mentally a woman', then decide to rape a woman who was unlucky enough to be stuck in the bathroom with him. Alongside that, it undermines the purpose of gender. If you were born a man, you are a man, and if you were born a woman, you are a woman, no excuses.

  • Let them look like those using the bathroom

    If they want to use the opposite sex bathroom then they need to look like those using that bathroom. Otherwise tomorrow any man can walk into the lady 's room claiming hi feels that he is a woman. How should we protect our kids from the attack if anyone can use their private space?

  • Transgender people should be persecuted for using the wrong restrooms

    Just because you wear the clothes of the opposite sex and tell people that you are the opposite sex from which you were born does not in fact make you that sex at all. If you are born a female then you are a female no matter what, as well as if you are born a man you are a man for life. People want to spark debate over the fact that it is unfair to make transgender people feel uncomfortable; yet see no problem with making cisgender people feel uncomfortable by allowing trans people to use the restroom of the opposite sex. If a man walks into a womans restroom that would spark a huge issue, so how is it any different if that man dresses up like a woman and calls himself a woman? At the end of the day a spade is a spade and you are what you are no matter how many times you'd like to try and convince yourself and others that that's not true

  • You use the bathroom for the gender that you were born as

    Transgender people are somewhat of a new topic, and there are clearly more people in the world who are not transgender. As a person who is not transgender, I think that the fact that I am uncomfortable with a person of a different gender using a bathroom intended for the opposite gender, should be something that is focused on more, not that the small fraction of transgender are uncomfortable with their own body.

  • Its not the wrong bathroom in the first place.

    As a trans man, I am utterly disgusted at those who have said "yes"'s comments. Not only are they not in the "wrong" bathroom in the first place, what their genitals are is none of your business. How would you even know that they are transgender? You would not. Because a trans man is a man, and a trans woman is a woman. People go into bathrooms to go to the bathroom, it has nothing to do with what their genitals happen to be.

  • Which Is The Wrong Bathroom

    I do not believe people are prosecuted for using the wrong bathroom, however I suppose it may happen from time to time. I find your question difficult to answer because you are assuming that trans gender people have an appropriate bathroom to use. If they are using the wrong bathroom in your eyes, maybe they just don't see eye to eye with you.

  • You don't want me in your bathroom.

    I'm a transman and I'm on testosterone, because of this I've gone through male puberty and my body has changed accordingly. I haven't used a women's restroom in longer than I can remember. If I even so much as tried to use one, I would be kicked out of the establishment immediately. It isn't fair to say I have to use a specific restroom because of my genitals because they're none of your goddamn business.

  • They are that gender.

    They are the gender that they want to use the bathroom of. Why should they be forced to use the opposite bathroom if it will just make them uncomfortable and put them in emotional duress? It's like saying gay people should be forced to use the opposite bathroom. It's wrong and immoral.

  • No, Transgender People Should Not be Prosecuted for Using the Wrong Bathroom

    Number one which bathroom would be the "wrong" bathroom? Next, it seems to me that the Prosecutors have more than enough cases to handle, much less add on one more victimless crime. If we don't have time or staff to prosecute more serious cases, why do we think we have time to send the police out to be bathroom monitors? How else would we even be able to catch transgender people using the wrong bathroom? It sounds like a waste of time for everyone in the judicial system all the way around.

  • They should not

    I think that first and foremost it would be a huge waste of time to prosecute someone who is transgendered for using the wrong bathroom. Surely we have much more important things going on in this great nation of ours that we can instead focus on attention on, and prosecute.

  • This is unjust

    Transgender people shouldn't be prosecuted just because some people are unable to understand what it means to be transgender and find it wrong. Prosecuting them for using what others may view as the wrong bathroom is a terrible thing to do and just puts out the message that transgendered people are wrong, criminals, and that they don't deserve to be treated with respect. It will only spread ignorance and hatred.

  • No they shouldn't be prosecuted, however....

    While i dont think they should be punished for using the bathroom that fits the gender the feel like and not born gender. I think simply letting people who are trans use any bathroom the want can create more problems than it would solve.
    For example there are no requirements for being trans,no one way to look and nothing to prove that you are. All you have to do is say that you are, so i a cis male could say i identify as a women and could therefore use the womens bathroom. Can you see the problem here. Any creep could walk into the womens bathroom or even changing room and say they are trans and if someone doesnt believe them they can just say "well you're just transphobic" and shame them

  • That would be ridiculous.

    You cannot persecute someone for using the bathroom. You can, however, persecute someone for peeping, raping, molesting, or intentionally causing a disturbance by doing anything other than using the bathroom. You cannot and should not persecute someone that identifies as female for using the women's restroom and you cannot and should not persecute someone that identifies as male for using the men's restroom, because using the restroom is not illegal. Yes, a man can lie and say that he identifies as female to get into the women's restroom to abuse someone. However, many people fail to understand that someone does not need to identify as a different gender to get into whatever restroom they please. Additionally, sexual abusers going into bathrooms to commit crimes is almost a non issue. It just doesn't happen as often as people seem to believe. Trans* people =/= sexual abusers. Trans* people should not be treated as criminals, let them use the damn bathroom.

  • Last time I checked, a washroom is for RELIEVING ONES SELF

    Your gender has no involvement in whether or not you have to take a piss, and frankly, who gives a damn if you were born male or female? Birth gender may define what genitals you have, but it sure doesn't define what gender you associate with. Just because a MTF was born male, shoes not mean that she is intending on causing trouble.

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