Should transgender people be required to have surgery prior to legally changing their identity?

  • We have to have order

    Surgery should be required, because otherwise, any person can go into the opposite gendered locker room or bathroom and just claim that they are transgendered. Children don't have a choice whether to go do school, and they shouldn't have to spend it with opposite-gendered children watching them go do the bathroom. A person should look the gender they want to be.

  • Yes of course

    Yes a transgender person should have to actually be anatomically correct to claim their sex. One cannot wish to be something they are not and make others have to be subjected to it. The locker room argument has merit. Should my young daughter have to stare at some males junk in the locker room because he wishes to be a female?

  • Of course. Why not?

    I am a table. Yes. Me, writing this- I am table. I have two arms, two legs, two feet, and two hands. However, I am indeed, a table. I walk and talk, cough and sneeze, breathe and eat. However, I am a table.
    It just does not make sense for you to call yourself something you are physically not.

    Since I call myself a doctor, does that mean I can stroll into the nearest Memorial, grab a scalpel, and start slicing away at surgery just because I say and identify as such?

    No. It's legally wrong to do that, first of all, and it just doesn't make sense to when you're NOT.

  • No no no

    NO NO NO I don't think so because they have their own rights that they wont to do and it all depends if the person would like that to be done to them or not. So to me no but it all depends on what or where it is or not.

  • Yes in the context of this particular story.

    So the story referenced uses confusing terminology that blur the question. As Blirb (comment to the right) pointed out, gender and sex are legally recognized as two different things. The state of Michigan has allowed citizens to change the sex marker (incorrectly referred to in the article as the "gender marker") from "M" to "F" and back at will without prerequisite. If sex is defined by biology, then in order for someone to have identification that identifies their sex as male, their biology should reflect that.

    Sex identification is important to law enforcement for the purposes of apprehension and booking. The fact that someone can simply put on a wig and change the sex classification on their photo ID without prerequisite opens the door to a lot of fraud as well as law enforcement obstacles. Women who choose to identify as men could be wrongly booked into male holding cells where their "gender identity" will neither be recognized nor respected by their cell mates.

  • No they should not

    If the government really wants this to happen they can pay for it as far as im concerned. Transgender is not a choice, you can't force someone to change if they don't want to. Plus not all surgeries are perfect, they understand this..... What if you got a surgery and something went wrong? My point exactly. Im writing a paper in my class about this and it's stupid that people are saying stuff about transgender people, I plan to change anyone's views.

  • Of course not

    Transgender people are transgender no matter what physical body parts they may or may not have. Someone's gender is not the same thing as someone's sex, gender has to do with the brain and personal identity. Look it up if you need to. The other thing is- why do you care what parts they have down there? Are you going to be seeing them on a daily basis? I think not.

    Posted by: Birb
  • That's just stupid.

    Let's say I'm trans, and I terrified of surgery. Or maybe I actually don't mind my body even if it's from another gender.
    I shouldn't be forced. By law. To spend money on surgery.

    That's just against the rights of people. . . .

    Words words words words words words.

  • Transgender People Should not have to have Surgery to change ID

    Many people who are transgender decide not to have surgery. Surgery is risky and there are no guarantee of what the results would be. By requiring surgery before identification is changed would be requiring transgender people to undergo a procedure they possibly do not want to undergo in order to have the identification they feel is correct.

  • Transgenders should be allowed to change their identity at any time

    Transgenders should not have to wait until surgery before legally changing their identity. These are people that have been living as the wrong sex their whole lives. To deny them further is a gross injustice. They should be identified however they want, whenever they feel it is appropriate. Doing less is unfair.

  • No they should not be forced to have surgeries

    It would be unconstitutional to force Americans to have unwanted surgeries. There should be a change in the identity choices. There should be a choice for in transition transgender individuals. That would stop all the questions and innuendos . This is new on society and the laws haven't caught up yet. Changing the identity choices is one remedy.

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deacc says2016-05-16T17:43:20.167
They should not be allowed to legally change their identity with or without surgery.