Should transgender surgery be covered by insurance?

  • Without coverage trans people easily can become so depressed as to become nonfunctional

    It should be covered because being transgender is not a choice and if not treated can easily lead to extreme depression, a dangerously elatevated risk of suicide, The surgeries are necessary because over time the depression will go and the person no longer cares about anything and cant continue to function in any situation

  • We All Should Have Our Basic Health Care Needs Covered

    Why should any group or individual with a genuine health issue not be given treatment that both advised and necessary? Transgender treatment has been refused insurance coverage in the past just because they are trans. Not just for trans related issues as hormone treatment or SRS but for run of the mill things as a broken arm or blood-work. Denied coverage at all just because they were trans and thus not entitled because of preexisting conditions or some such. It's time to let those in need be fully covered.

  • Lets end the descrimination

    Transsexuals are told to suffer in silence while people are allowed to use insurance to cover things like Viagra and braces for their kids. This is wrong on so many levels. Transsexuals have a legitimate condition which has been proven real by science. They literally have the brain wiring of the opposite sex which cannot be changed by taking hormones or any other kind of treatment and this problem never goes away. The brain wiring not matching the body leads to gender dysphoria and in many cases often leads to unhealthy habits, self harm and even suicide. The only treatment proven to be effective is hormones and SRS. In the long run it is actually more expensive not to treat them. Many other countries have already realized this condition is legitimate and have actually taken steps in order to help trans people so please, lets end the discrimination.

  • This is a medical condition

    Mental conditions are covered by insurance just as physical conditions are. For example, a person suffering from depression is covered just as a person suffering from a broken bone. Being transgender is another mental condition just like this. It deserves to be covered by insurance as it is just as, if not more, painful as a physical issue.

  • We need to our true selves

    I am a transgender MTF and I work at a job which is not much more than minimum wage. Many Transgender people are in this dilemma and can not afford to pay for surgery. The only way we can transition and find true peace of mind is with help from insurance companies. Our employers say that they are not discriminating but there are other procedures that insurance companies do pay that are not life saving. I know of a friend who is getting the procedure done and his company insurance is the same as mine but the company is getting the insurance to pay. Is this fair? I can but she can! The reason is one company will got to bat for the transgender person and one company will not! This is the best reason that I know to get insurance to pay then we will not be dependent on employers to go to bat for us and we will all receive equal treatment!

  • 100% - Transgender is NOT something we choose to have.

    Being transgender is not something that people wake up and decide they want to have. They can't help how they feel, they are born that way. EVERYONE DESERVES HAPPINESS. And most of the people who disagree tend to be ignorant and have had no education on the matter in which case they can keep their opinions to themselves. I am not sure why people are calling it cosmetic surgery - you stated the definition right there and having a vagina and wanting a penis to feel like the person you were born to be to live a fulfilled life doesn't sound cosmetic to me. You don't know what it's like at all, and I wish that you had a child or family member or even better, I wish YOU were transgender. Lets see how your opinion would be then. PICK UP A BOOK AND EDUCATE YOURSELF.

  • Those Suffering From Gender Dysphoria...

    are not making a choice. 1 in 5 end up committing suicide due to the distress it causes them. Imagine something so terrible it would cause you to kill yourself. This is what a transgendered individual feels daily trying to cope with having the wrong body parts. Of course it should be covered by insurance. If you are born with an ear on your back, or any other growth, they fix it for you, under insurance coverage. What about those who's mutations aren't instantly noticeable? They deserve the same thing as you. A chance at happiness and fulfillment.

  • Is it hurting you?

    It is scientifically proven that being transgender is a neurophysiological condition that occurs during fetal development. A human (and any mammal) embryo is initially female when first conceived. It takes two types of changes to become male. A physical change and a mental change. If one change occurs without the other, a transgender baby is born. MEANING the baby can be born physically with a penis because the masculine PHYSICAL change happened, but can maintain the feminine mental state which never went through the physical change it was supposed to. Does it sound fair that the surgery is being considered cosmetic when the child didn't ask to only go through one chemical change without the other? Didn't think so. Are these people honestly hurting you? Just because they want to be happy? Isn't that what every person wants? Satisfaction and happiness? If it doesn't personally affect you, then let them be.

  • Is it hurting you?

    It is scientifically proven that being transgender is a neurophysiological condition that occurs during fetal development. A human (and any mammal) embryo is initially female when first conceived. It takes two types of changes to become male. A physical change and a mental change. If one change occurs without the other, a transgender baby is born. MEANING the baby can be born physically with a penis because the masculine PHYSICAL change happened, but can maintain the feminine mental state which never went through the physical change it was supposed to. Does it sound fair that the surgery is being considered cosmetic when the child didn't ask to only go through one chemical change without the other? Didn't think so. Are these people honestly hurting you? Just because they want to be happy? Isn't that what every person wants? Satisfaction and happiness? If it doesn't personally affect you, then let them be.

  • It doesnt actually raise costs for others since its rare and its very necessary

    The gender dysphoria usually grows stronger with every year. The stronger it gets the more depressed the person gets until nothing really matters to them anymore and they become increasingly more withdrawn and nonfunctional until usually the suicidal urges consume them. Being transgender is not a choice no one would choose to embark on a course that causes so much mental pain and will result in so much harrasment and violence towards them

  • It's An Elective Procedure

    People argue it's a medical problem but the medical problem is defined by the symptoms of distress at being the wrong gender, so if we cover that then we should also cover anything else that causes distress. If I feel like I have the wrong size of a house then I should get "House Identity Disorder" and be able to get a bigger house and call that therapy as long as it costs the same or less as a sex change operation.
    The afterstuff, the followup operation to check for complications should be covered but not the actual surgery.

  • Historic campaign for trans benefits kicks off

    Unless the person is a simultaneous hermaphrodite (i.e., someone born with both sex organs), then it is a personal choice and should not be covered by insurance. Simultaneous Hermaphrodites should be covered. This is a rare event. It happens about 1 in every 70,000 or 0.00001428571428571430 of the time.

    Elective surgery for men who want to be a women and women who want to be men should not be covered; however, if someone wants to acquire the sex genitalia of a dog or goat, that surgery should be covered by insurance because that person really believes they are a dog or a goat; society needs to understand the needs of everyone.

  • It may be someday, but it shouldn't

    If transgender surgery should be covered then so should any sort of plastic surgery where someone is discontent with how they look. This is a very slippery slope and should be debated, but it's obvious that people will abuse this to change things about them that are unnecessary to their well-being.

  • Trans gender surgery is not medically necessary.

    Supposing that all elective surgeries are not covered by insurance, Trans gender surgery should not be either. Of course there are some surgeries that are normally elective, but when medically necessary they are covered (depending on the insured's policy). I think that Trans gender surgery coverage should follow the same guidelines as breast implants and gastric bypasses. If and when they would be deemed medically necessary (and I know of no instance at this time), they may be covered if the policy provides for it.

  • medical intervention not necessary

    Trans people like to say that there is nothing wrong with being trans. So if there is nothing wrong with you than medical intervention shouldn't be needed because they fix what is broken and trans people are not broken. Just because you have the "parts" of a certain gender does not make you any more of that gender. The DSM says gender identity disorder is a desire to be the opposite sex not have the parts of the opposite sex

  • Its cosmetic surgery.

    I feel as if transgender people should NOT have their surgeries covered because, Let's use MtF transitions as an example, Some of them are able to get a BOOB JOB
    covered by insurance. How the hell is that fair? The only surgery that should be covered is genital reassignment surgery. Even that should only be PARTIALLY covered.

  • Not unless all other cosmetic or elective procedures are covered

    There are two main ingredients here. First, Transgender surgery is elective to make the people feel "Better" about themselves, And second, Is being transgender a mental condition or not?

    To address concern #1, Everything that I see saying that transgender surgery is to make the person feel "More comfortable in their body". If this is a supporting case for insurance coverage, Then my hair plugs or my wife's breast augmentation after having children should also be covered by insurance. I see no difference in any of these, Since they are all unnecessary elective procedures to increase the self-esteem of the recipient. This is, Of course, Assuming that you agree with #2.

    To address the second point, Is transgenderism a mental condition or not? If it is not a mental condition and there is nothing "wrong" with the person, What exactly is the surgery fixing or preventing? Their own image of themselves? This seems to revert back to point #1 about elective non-necessary surgery.

    Practically all on the LGBT side will say that it is not a mental condition, But I beg to differ. My main argument for it being a mental condition is the fact that the suicide rate among transgender people is astronomical. You can blame this on "not being accepted" if you want, But there are plenty of other nerds/weirdo groups that aren't accepted by the mainstream and they aren't attempting to kill themselves at horrific numbers.

    What is boils down to is you can't have your cake and eat it too. Elective cosmetic surgery to change the way you look so that you feel "better" about yourself isn't an accepted medical necessity and thus doesn't qualify for insurance coverage (and it shouldn't! ). We would consider men that try to kill themselves because they can't get hair plugs or women that try to kill themselves because they can't get a breast augmentation as mentally unstable and in need of help, Wouldn't we? The same standard should be applied to transgender people, Assuming they are of the same mental stability as the average person.

    The jury is still out, But I will be very surprised if we don't see all of these gender-transitioning people having some serious problems down the road. All that this transitioning does is give damaged people hope, And once they go through all of the processes to reach their "goal" and all of the attention seeking is complete, They will realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side and all of the deeper issues causing their problems will re-surface.

    I hope that a better solution can be found so that people can be comfortable with themselves and not require body modification and identity alteration.

  • Hell to the no

    Male's have a penis. Woman have a vagina. BIG WOOP, Insurance shouldn't have to deal with a "woman" wanting to get boobs the size of Texas and insurance shouldn't have to deal with "men" getting the penis the size of an elephant trunk. It's isn't the insurance company to pay for a medical "condition" that is for the way a trans wants to live.

  • Purely Elective Procedure

    It’s inequitable for insurance companies to allow some elective procedures to be approved while denying others. By arbitrarily letting gender reassignment surgery be covered, Then that wouldn’t be fair to others who feel they should be covered for other elective surgeries, Such as plastic surgery. Ultimately it comes down to individual responsibility. Insurance companies should only have to pay for medically necessary procedures to lower costs for everyone, Transgender people included. Resources must be equitably distributed, And the elective/cosmetic needs of one healthy group should not come at the expense of others who have medical illnesses and are dying and need treatment.

  • It's still cosmetic

    Acne is a health condition too. While acne treatment is covered, cosmetic repair of damaged and scarred skin is not covered even though it can greatly affect self confidence and contribute to depression. If you cover transgender reassignment and cosmetic surgery, then other cosmetic surgeries would also need to get covered.

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GWL-CPA says2013-09-01T14:09:06.347
Very few people actually need transsexual surgery. Only people born with both sexes need the surgery.

Just because a few mentally messed up folks, other than the few who have both sexes (i.E., a penis and a vagina), want to change their sexes, society and insurance companies should not be forced to accept or cover that BS. Gays are are not normal.

End of story.

Here are quotes from a lesbian professor on why being gay is not normal.

Regarding change and the right to treatment, lesbian activist Camille Paglia offered the following observations:

Camille Anna Paglia is an American teacher and social critic. Paglia, a self-described dissident feminist, has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1984.

"Homosexuality is not 'normal.' On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists - that wizened crew of flimflamming free-loaders - have tried to take the post structuralist tack of claiming that there is no norm, since everything is relative and contingent. This is the kind of silly bind that word-obsessed people get into when they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the outside world. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single, relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. Penis fits vagina; no fancy linguistic game-playing can change that biologic fact."

"Given the intense hormonal surge of puberty, the total absence of adult heterosexual desire is neither normal nor natural."

(How true, and again Ms. Paglia confirms what we as therapists have been noting for some time. But it must be realized that there is no doubt that the propaganda has had an effect on the general public, who seem to be increasingly accepting of these notions.)

"I used to feel that the old psychoanalytic model was inadequate in describing the origins of homosexuality as, essentially, arrested development. But it was true that all my gay male friends had powerful, dominating mothers in the prototypical style."

"...ACT-UP's hysteria made me reconsider those vilified therapists and ministers who think change of homosexual orientation is possible and whose meetings are constantly disrupted by gay agitators. Is gay identity so fragile that it cannot bear the thought that some people may not wish to be gay. Sexuality is highly fluid, and reversals are theoretically possible. However, habit is refractory...A phenomenon obvious in the struggle with obesity, smoking, alcoholism, or drug addiction... Helping gays learn how to function heterosexually, if they so wish, is a perfectly worthy aim. We should be honest enough to consider whether homosexuality may not indeed be a pausing at the prepubescent stage when children anxiously band together by gender."

(A very reasonable and sober view of both the extremist attacks that are made on those of us who believe that therapy has something to offer some patients who may wish it, and of the difficulties and resistances, conscious and unconscious, of many homosexuals.)

"The hypocrisy of lesbian feminist politics is clear in the increasing use among lesbians. . .Of sex toys and esoteric sex practices...What bothers me is that the lesbian dildo craze stubbornly avoids acknowledging its anatomy-as-destiny implications. Why stop at dildos? If penetration excites, and if receptive female genitalia are so suited to friction by penis-shaped objects, why not go on to real penises? Dildos, used for thousands of years around the world, have always been understood as temporary stop-gap measures, in the absence of men... Any woman, gay or straight, who cannot respond to penises or who finds them hideous or laughable has been traumatized by some early experience. She is neither complete as a woman nor healthy as a person. We can no longer allow, without protest, obsessives and neurotics to preach a mutilated brand of feminism to trusting young women...Lesbians who use dildos but shun penises must start admitting that they operate sexually not just for women but against men."

(Once again it is refreshing to read Ms. Paglia use words that we professionals have been virtually forbidden to use.)

"It is ridiculous to assert that gay men are interested only in other gay men and would never ogle straight men in barracks showers. When I heard this on TV I burst out laughing. Anyone who belongs to a health club knows better. Sexual tension and appraisal are constants, above all among gay men, who never stop cruising everything in sight. Seduction of straight studs is a highly erotic motif in gay porn."

"Is homosexuality a permanent solution to the problem of the nuclear family? Do we want the sexes forever divorced, in a state of permanent alienation? Lesbianism is increasing, since anxious unmasculine men have little to offer. Male homosexuality is increasing, because masculinity is in crisis... Current gay cant insists that homosexuality is 'not a choice,' ... But there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise. It takes an effort to deal with the opposite sex; it's safer with your own kind. The issue is one of challenge versus comfort."
(I think most NARTH members would agree with every word.)

"We should be aware of the potentially pernicious intermingling of gay activism with science, which produces more propaganda than truth. Gay scientists must be scientists first, gays second."