• It's scientifically proven...

    That transgenders are born that way and they are NOT doing it by choice, nor are they crazy. You people make me sick. Transgenders probably have the hardest lifestyle I can imagine, and people like you people are making it 1000x worse. They get abused, rejected, most of them can't have legitimate sex, they can't have children, they actually HATE their bodies unlike the little teenage girls who say so, it's so much harder to find the love of their life who will accept them, transition and therapy is extremely expensive and on top of that they've got idiots like this who think they're wrong.

  • Transgender surgery should really be decriminalised

    It must be first regconised that one has right to do something if his action does not harm other people. For example, if a person is rich, he can buy a luxury car or live in a beautiful house ,and of course, this purchasing is totally legal because it is harmless to others. Hence, if one does not feel satisfied about the body or believe that the body does not belong to him or her, he or she can spend money having a transgender surgery. This decision will satisfy one's need and does no harm to others.
    Moreover, this action can also create a number of jobs, partly stimulating the economy growth!

  • Obviously it has good effects

    Transgender surgery should be legal because it obviously has good effects. Some postive effects are that the money spent towards the surgery stimulates the economy, and it also creates jobs that other-wise were not there. And by having more jobs than more people are bu default stimulating the economy. So we do infact need it to be legal.

  • We do not have the right to regulate other people's bodies

    Nobody has the right to regulate someone else's body. The right to bodily autonomy is one of the most important rights a person has, and the right to change your sex falls under that. You have no right to regulate any one else's body, and the government most certainly does not have the right to regulate its people's bodies.

  • Not Comfortable? Change

    If any human has a sex preference and isn't omfortable with himself/herself, why should the law prevent them from changing? What horrible, unethical and dangerous act will come from trasgender surgery? If a person wants to change, no constitution, law, person or government can refuse him or her of their right

  • Pursuit of Happiness

    Having sex is an activity that I regard as a pursuit of happiness. I wish to share my love with a special someone and I expect to not have to worry about that person being born with a penis. In my mind if you are born with a penis you are a man.

  • Transgender surgery should be legal it is a human right

    Gender identity and biological sex are two different things. Your gender identity is how you identify male, female, in between or neither. Biological sex is how ypur born. Transgender people should have the right to align their brains and bodies and feel comfortable in their bodies. It is a human right

  • YES they have the right

    People have the right to be who they are or at least who they feel they are. People that want to change gender should be allowed to change, because from what I have heard trans gender people say is that they have the spirit of a man or women but they are "trapped" in that opposite genders body. What type of person are you if you are trying to stop someone from being who they are or who they feel like they were meant to be

  • Transgender surgery is not a solution!

    If you are not comfortable in the body you were given thats ok, we all have at least one thing we dont like about ourselves or would like to change. Some ppl do get cosmetic surgery done to correct that their flaw/s and most are aware of the vast amount of complications that accompany such surgeries. That being said just think about the horrific complications that could accompany this particular kind of surgery. Many transgender beings go without the surgery and are still able to feel good about their self by dressing &/or lliving in an opposing lifestyle than the one chosen for them at birth. That method is much safer and if ever you were to say change your mind its also reversible. We have to take into consideration the obvious fact that its not omly dangerous but obscene to physically and permanently change one's gender via surgical procedures. Lets say when our mothers were pregnant with us they were hoping to have a boy but the doctor tells us or we find out at the time of delivery that its a girl. If transgender surgery was a safe and sane option parents all over the world would be changing the sex of their children at birth. Bottom line is that we were given the body we were born with for one reason or another and whatever made us that wsy intended it to stay that way. If, however, you aren't hapoy or comfortable with the body you were given than it could be possible you were made that way to challenge your initial existance and maybe your purpose in life is to be "fabulous" but if thats so it can be done by recreating yourself in any/all other ways than by undergoing such dangerous and life changing surgery. Also, if its your partner that wants you to chamge or is pushing you to get the surgery i suggest you find a new partner that cares more about your wellbeing than one that asks you to put your genitalia under a knife.

  • It should definitely be legal

    Do people even know what's it's like to feel like you're trapped and not yourself, this is coming from someone who's non binary, and many of my friends are trans...Once people get reassignment surgerys they usually feel a lot more comfortable, though some people don't go through the surgery because of health reasons or just don't want to

  • Transgender surgery--is it morally correct or not?

    I am against transgenders in general because it just isn't right. I believe in gay marriage, but transgender surgery is going a step way too far. At that point, just be gay. No one would be ashamed of you, you're just making your own decision. You should be happy with whatever gender you were born as.

  • As much as I love freedom..

    And as much as I love liberty there are sertain things that we can't change and we shouldn't be allowed to change.. YOUR GENDER?..It was given to you, deal with it..MILLIONS of people in the past did, I'm sure you can. You were born a man or a woman for a reason and artificially changing that doesn't really makes you of the opposite gender..Its just appearance.

  • Nope, just more nonsense!

    Unless you are born with both sex organs, then the answer is NO!

    Just sick messed up in the heads folks think this is necessary.

    Part of the same sick group that is trying to shove gay marriage and gay sex down the majority of normal heterosexual folks throats.

    We will beat you sick pukes!

  • Wolves in sheep's clothing

    A persons gender is decided from the beginning, at conception. The genetics determine the gender, nothing that surgery or hormone therapy can change. Doing so only masks them and is a cosmetic application. You are what you are born, Skin colour, gender and race are aspects without choice, you don't get a say. You cannot change it, and all it does is cause psychological damage and physical damage.

  • No it should not.

    People are brought into this world with a certain sex, you should love it and embrace it not change the way God made you. Changing your appearance makes others think that is OK but its not, it absolutely disgusting; it should be prohibited. Don't change the way you look don't; change your sex.

  • It destroys our natural world and values

    A persons gender is decided from the beginning, at conception. The genetics determine the gender, nothing that surgery or hormone therapy can change. Doing so only masks them and is a cosmetic application. You are what you are born, skin colour, gender and race are aspects without choice, you don't get a say. You cannot change it, and all it does is cause psychological damage and physical damage.

  • No it should not be

    Should I be allowed to go out into public and self mutilate myself, say cut off my penis, without being arrested and transported to a psychiatric facility? The obvious answer to this is NO, I should not be allowed to, and am not allowed to. If you have a mutilated penis, you go about your life in public and should be placed in a mental facility.

  • No it should NOT be legal.

    This is outrageous, I'm not biased against gays or transgender, but such surgery should be illegal, people will abuse them and it's not FAIR or RIGHT to trick another male into thinking you're woman when you in fact are born male, the thought of even people thinking it's remotely right makes me question humanity. It's not a right nor should it be a privilege. I am not gay and I would like to think my spouse or partner is in fact a WOMAN.

  • You Were Born That Way

    The last thing the world needs is more people who are just lying to themselves. Sex reassignment surgery doesn't actually change anything, really. Sure, they rearrange a few parts and hack off others, turn things inside-out...But you will always have what you were born with. I honestly the don't see the point of making it legal, because people will find ways to do it anyway. Kind of like the whole drug deal.

  • You can't choose your gender any more than you can choose your species

    Seriously...Things are getting ridiculously out of hand. People who insist they were "born the wrong gender" need to grow the hell up and realize that maybe the problem isn't with their gender, it's with their psyche, and they need serious amounts of therapy and treatment to get over their stupid crap, and be the way nature intended.

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