• It may cause to transfer disease

    Yes, because it may be a reason for bringing diseases to the country. When someone is trying to do an organ transplant from another country; he/she doesn't know whether that particular organ has been belong to a some one with disease or not. I believe paying enough attention to health and health industry should be one of the significances which should be controlled.

  • It helps people.

    Yes, transplant tourism should be a real, controlled industry, because the United States laws are too restrictive for Americans. If someone in the United States needs a transplant, they don't want to allow themselves to die when there is someone in another country who can provide a transplant and allow them to live.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe transplant tourism should be a real, controlled industry. I understand why Americans have gotten into traveling for medical care but transplants and organs are hard to come by. Organs should stay in their locales and they should go to people who live in those areas, not "tourists."

  • Transplant tourism is insane

    There are many people in the world who need organ transplants, indeed, much more than are available. However transplant tourism would not be a real solution, it wouldn't eliminate suffering it would merely transfer the suffering, usually, to someone poor and vulnerable. Transplant tourism could actually magnify suffering by introducing a dangerous element into a medical procedure, namely, the profit motive. There is a reason blood banks don't offer cash incentives.

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