Should Treyarch remake World at War? Would you pay $60 for a re-run?

  • Money Money Money

    The interests in the world wars are just increasing. I personally have asked many people at my school and they all said they would be willing to pay 60 bucks for a world at war remake. I know WaW is my favorite call of duty and the multiplayer was amazing also. If treyarch could come from a more educational point of view like assassins creed then the game would be amazing. What i mean is maybe have loading screens have interesting dates facts. Have cut scenes of Hitler. And have perspective views from the luftwaffe and canadian army/british army. As canada did play a part in WW2. This is what i would want in the next treyarch title. And on the next gen consoles? Makes my mouth water

  • It is one of the best call of duty games

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  • Bring in the dogs!

    I miss being able to sit in a tank and f*ck shit up! The thunder of the artillary and when you heard the dogs you ran in fear....

    Waw was easily the best world war game around and the mulitplayer was epic with games such as war which have dissapeared throughout new titles.

    If its not broke why fix it....

  • Something new and something gold.

    If they just could make it the same way as this new crap (infinite warfare) as in where you get the cod 4 remastered version with the game.
    Meaning that they make (for example) cod waw 2 and give the waw 1 remastered version with it, i would totally buy it even if it would only be availible through dlcs or bundle. But if only the game remastered then they should follow the pricing of all the other remastered games that are around 20-50$.
    Don't overprice it, if you can give the bo3 graphics then maybe 60$ would be okay but i doubt it can be done.

  • The guys that say no can kiss my ww2 @$$.

    Why not remake the game ? It's not out for PS4 so the game should be remade and ww2 is what started call of duty, and this could revive call of duty because call of duty was dead since cod ghosts came out but there should be a ghosts 2 instead of infinite warfare, but call of duty world at war was the first call of duty with gore and the only multiplayer with gore and good old ZOMBIES ww2 style.

  • Do it, do it, do it. Just do it.

    It would be fun to play it on ps4 and could be the only ww2 call of duty for ps4 and play the old zombies mode for it because ps3 games are not gonna be out for ps4 soon, and people like playing the old call of duty games, I hope they remake the game.

  • Great game. And its really cool

    Everything is awesome about the game because the story makes total awesomeness along with the multiplayer and zombies. Its a great way of making money by remastering one of the best call of duty games of all time. Also we would love all the dlc's to be for free or not just go sale

  • Call of Duty : World at War should be remade

    In my opinion and most likely many other's opinions, Call of Duty: World at War is the best game in the series. Even if it isn't some people's favorites they will most likely say it was a very well made game. I think it would bring back many memories if they remade it. I and many others would love to play on those multiplayer servers again, hacker free might I add. Plus experiencing the game again on a next gen console would be amazing

  • It could be the last ww2 call of duty there gonna make

    The only reason why black ops 1 and 2 were good is because world at war was related with those two games and it was the first call of duty with zombies and call of duty 1, 2, 3 and world at war can be the last ww2 call of duty's ever.

  • It could be the last World War 2 call of duty ever

    There is a reason why call of duty Black ops 1 and 2 were good because world at war was related to both of those games and what made the game better it introduced zombies in the game but I hope call of duty 1, 2, 3, Waw are not the last world war 2 cod games in call of duty franchise.

  • Why remake an already not so dead game?

    Don't get wrong. I loved WaW, I played it a lot, especially the custom zombie maps but why should they put their time and money into remaking this and selling half if maybe less of the copies they would with a new title when they could just as well use that time and money into a sequel to this or something new but with a war setting like this one and free mod tools?
    This debate is stupid. Just like the one with vanilla WoW.
    Time and time again, you explain things yet people are still oblivious.

  • If the game is still relevent why remake it

    No, if something is going to be introduced into mainstream then it should a new more fresh idea, not a remake of an old one. The original game is still relevant and can be used in the newer gaming platforms, so why make another. Furthermore, some may not be willing to pay for a game that they already own and is still functional.

  • Call of Duty is deaf to the call of duty.

    As a gamer from the very first of Call of Duty; the old crappy graphics with superb social commentary on the horrors of war, with terrific real-life stories and lovable characters, I've seen only two things in every game the franchise has added is impossibility and multiplayer. Sure, multiplayer is fun, and being a super hero makes you feel good about yourself, but frankly it's really boring. You really don't have to listen to your sergeant, or help out anyone because your character is some special guy with a ridiculous past, position, or skill set. Sure, that's fine for RPG's where you eventually earn those skills and abilities, but what made Call of Duty so special and famous, was how you were one nobody, sent to World War II, and you fight with your squad mates to simply survive. Your orders come from someone higher up, that aren't totally out of it. If Treyarch does make a remake of World at War, I just ask that they make it almost exactly as they did the first three. Terrible, lovable squad mates, main character is really a no body, and you survive the horrors of war.

  • What's the point?

    Re-makes should really only be made if the console/platform the game was originally on is not owned by the majority and the game was good enough to hop across the current platforms.. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker were re-made because the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube are not as common as they were when the first came out. Really, what Treyarch should do, is release patches to go against all the hacking in the game's current servers.

  • Got Way To Boring, Way To Fast..

    Don't get me wrong, Call of duty World At War in its prime was amazing. The battle against Cod4 vs WAW was insane. Cod4 was better though.. Cod4 is my favorite game all of all time. (2nd would have to be Uncharted 2 among thieves).. I played WAW for a long time. Ended up being 6th prestige lv 65 and then the all mighty MW2 came out. Waw got way to repetitive for me. I bought all DLC but it wasn't enough.. Things would have to change for me to buy WAW remastered. The XP system. I put 7 days in game time for multiplayer (cod4 I had 89 days when black mw2 launched.. I have around 92 now.) I had so much time but I only got to prestige 6, and that was me trying my balls off. In cod4 it had the same xp system but it made me want to play more. Both games were 10xp per kill. But if you played Search and destroy effectively, you could get about 2000xp per match (that was HUGE for WAW and cod4) But WAW, I found myself play more zombies (about 14 days, all maps combined) but it wasn't fun. In cod4 it took me 7 days in game time to get prestige 10 level 55. You were basically a God to lower leveled people because back then, prestige mattered. Everybody prestiged back then. Mw2 was a huge jump and it was took to 100xp per kill and 500xp per kill in Search and destroy.. You could get around 5000xp per game if you played the objective and got at least 10-12 kills a game. The leveling system was then balanced out though, by adding more xp per level and 70 levels. It took me 7 days to reach 8th prestige HUGE DIFFERENCE.. WAW would have to change drastically to its xp system, it's leveling system for me to buy it. And that is my opinion

  • Best cod where

    Treyarch should remastered world at war,black ops 1, black ops 2
    the cod fan will like this
    Treyarch should update graphics
    three game will be good as a remastered
    Treyarch should do this
    this will be remastered for next gen
    give them something like ........... Do it it will be

  • Same old rubbish

    There not going to let us re-play the same rubbish, that was then this is now,so noooooo!! I would not spend money on a remake if we already beat it ten years ago, it was pure gold at the time. Probably not any more, if you like to re-play,re-pay, for something that's pretty much dead.

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