• Yes, trolling on the Internet should be considered sociopathic behavior

    It is extremely disturbing to read a great Internet article and decide that the comments might also be educational or informative only to find that the views expressed could easily be that of a two year-old. Free speech is definitely important, but at some point individuals who stalk Internet stories and make outrageous comments have to realize that they are not adding to the conversation. There is also the remote possibility that someone directly involved in the story or article might take offense or feel pain because of a person's insensitive or extreme remarks.

  • It is all pretend.

    I don't believe we can label, or make any distinctions about individuals based on their Internet persona. One of the biggest allures of the internet and online social interactions is that it often allows us to be the star in a play of our own design. We can be a character, and do or say things we would never dream of in real life. Chaste spinsters can be sexy dominatrixes, shy nerds can be ladies-men, the silent can scream their opinions from millions of roof-tops. No one is who they are in real life, while on-line, therefore it is impossible to label people based on these activities.

  • Trolling is social behavior, not sociopathic.

    Trolling on the Internet is immature and a cry for attention. Trolls must be pitied, and ignored. Someone who has no other purpose than to incite an argument over the Internet is obviously not fully socially adjusted. This could be an indicator of sociopath tendencies if the behavior never evolves. Like a child rebelling against her parents by smoking but keeping it hidden, trolling is much the same thing. They want to act in defiance without the bravery of an adult and do it in private or anonymously.

  • Why its their

    No, this should not be considered any type of abnormal behavior, and that is why it was made. It is normal for people to be interested by the things on the internet, because that is the whole reason why people put things on the internet, just for people to see.

  • Tolling The Internet

    I personally think that trolling the Internet should not be considered sociopathic behavior because sociopathic behavior is a disorder by a disregard for the feelings of others. I personally think that trolling the Internet should not be considered sociopathic behavior because it is a lack of remorse as well as shame.

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