• Yes

    We need to stay there and help the people that are trying to change the country. We went in and started this and we need to stay there until it is under control. The troops can try and catch the people that are creating the disturbances and they can create good PR with the people that live there.

  • Help our boys

    To the people who said no, let me ask you a question... How would you know what its like there, because I do. My aunts boyfriend has 2 tours of Afghanistan and 1 of Iraq. He saw things no man should see. He is a Marine and will always be one

  • America should take its nose outside of other countries

    American troops have entered Afghanistan with an unjustifiable reason and they now stay there for no reason at all. Is Democracy what America intends to give Afghanistan? If so, American government should concentrate on providing equal rights for American domestically and leave other countries behind. Besides, the thought of soldiers providing democracy to a nation is not understandable.

  • Head Home.

    Troops should not stay in Afghanistan. Too many innocent lives have been lost and there is no reason for us to be there anymore. Our troops deserve to come home and be with their families. The threats to our nation are not as great, so the troops should be coming home.

  • No, get them out!

    I do not think that troops should stay in Afghanistan any longer. After 9/11 they belonged there, but now It's been way too long and It's time to bring them home. There isn't much going on at the moment for troops to still need to be stationed over there. It's not right anymore.

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