Should Trump be allowed to take credit for jobs that he did not create?

  • Yes, Trump can take credit for new jobs.

    President-elect Trump can and will take credit for new jobs. Every president takes credit for new jobs created under their administrations. Therefore, Trump has the right to take credit for new jobs as well. Who says any president really is responsible for creating new jobs--they just always credit themselves with the number of jobs created.

  • No, he did not create the jobs

    Donald Trump should absolutely not be allowed to take credit for jobs that he did not create. It gives the American people, as well as himself, a false sense of his accomplishments. Trump has many achievements he can take credit for and hopefully, as president, he will achieve many more. However, this does not give him the right to receive acknowledgment for something he was not directly responsible for.

  • Why should he get credit?

    What makes it okay for Trump to take credit for something he didn't do? He has nothing to do with these jobs he is claiming credit for, and I think people deserve to know the truth. Trump is nothing more than a lying bag of hot air, and doesn't deserve respect for doing nothing.

  • Why should anyone be allowed to take credit they do not deserve?

    Just because he is the President-elect does not mean he gets to lie and take credit for anything and everything. The people and the media need to hold Trump accountable even if the Republicans won't and the Democrats fail to do so. If Trump isn't held accountable his ego is going to become too big and everyone is going to suffer.

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