• Yes, Orlando was nothing more than a self-hating gay man driven over the edge by a virulently homophobic father. It's a terrible tragedy, but it isn't terrorism.

    Trump's message of banning immigration starting making more sense to people after an NON-IMMIGRANT killed 49 people? Yeah, that makes sense. If you're a Trump supporter, that is. Then again, if you're a Trump supporter, your threshold for "things that make sense" is pretty low to begin with. Anyone who calls this massacre "terrorism" is fooling themselves (or others). Terrorism is violence with the goal of furthering a political agenda. What political agenda is furthered by this tragedy? (Except for Trump's, of course. Not that I think he had anything to do with it.)

  • He is a jerk

    We suffer the deadliest mass shooting in our nation's history, and what is Trump's response? "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism"! No words of sympathy, no condolences! Is he congratulating himself? And he renewed on his ban on Muslim immigration, which is unreasonable! The perpetrator was born in America.

  • Trump is a tick, sucking blood into his bloated body without any real care as to its souce.

    I do not know which is worse. Making political hay out of the tragedy or Trump not realizing that the facts were not yet in before shooting off his mouth. Even now, we do not know if this was a self-loathing gay or bi man (loathing which results from our societies intolerance towards LGBT persons), a crazy person who latched onto ISIS to give his action more impact, something "inspired" by ISIS, or something coordinated by ISIS.

    Trump is the master of innuendo. If he thinks that President Obama is in cahoots with ISIS, he should have the guts to say so directly instead of suggesting so indirectly.

  • Donald Trumps response was unthoughtful and was backed up by meaningless words

    I have found myself agreeing with Trump on many occasions, but Trump was entirely in the wrong. He seemed almost happy as if he was right, and seemed to point out things that would help his political campaign, while ignoring the fact that 49 peoples were just killed. His continuous push for the banning of Muslims seemed out of place in a time like this considering he shooter was born and raised here, and seemed to have radicalized on his own. Also, saying "if the people in that room had guns they would be able to and bullets back his way," is utterly ridiculous. You can not possibly think that simply making every citizen their own one man army could have any affect on crime. If anything, making weapons more accessible to citizens could make it a whole lot easier for people with exposure to Isis or with mental illness to kill more innocent civilians.

  • Yes, and so should everyone else

    All politicians used this as some kind of political fodder instead of recognizing it as a tragedy and acknowledging the losses. They should all be condemned for their insensitivity. However, he did not break the law and should not be treated like a criminal. Idiocy, insensitivity and such are not actually crimes.

  • Yes, I believe that Donald Trump should be condemned for his Orlando response.

    Yes, I believe that Donald Trump should be condemned for his Orlando response because his comments were very insensitive and he seemed happy that he was right that another terrorist attack was imminent. Trump has showed time and time again that he doesn't have the mental fortitude to be President of the United States.

  • Are you all mad?

    The question is, should Obama be condemned for his response. As usual, he blamed this crime on Republicans. The dude is certifiable, and he's president.

    The question about Trump's response is "Is is feasible". But obviously the POTUS should have as his first thought protecting his country from further attack. The fact that this mindset is even debatable is just astonishing to me.

  • No, Trump should not be condemned for his Orlando response.

    Donald Trump is entitled to freedom of speech as protected by the First Amendment. Trump is free to give whatever response he wants to the Orlando terrorist attack. Voters, however, can decide to hold Trump accountable for remarks that they find offensive by not supporting him. In short, no Trump shouldn't be condemned for his remarks; but, he might be held accountable for them by voters.

  • Trump should not be condemned

    While I do agree that Trump's response was a bit out there, I do understand he needs to do what he can to win the election. His response was in no way a bad reflection on the topic, but instead a verbal attack on his rival. He is only doing what he should do in order to win the election.

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ladiesman says2016-06-16T16:41:58.763
His anti-Muslim rhetoric is giving ISIS exactly what they want.