• Worse than Obama

    North Korea is laughing in his face and not stopping their program. They are still doing it and he knows it.
    If companies are doing so well why have so many become zombie companies? Look into it they have to pay zero percent interests. Jobs are returning but who wants the bad pay. The Ceo are making more money but the average joe has not improved.
    He made some of the worst trade deals ever. He had an actual chance to negotiate a more fair trade deal but he made a trade war and worsen other things. It is like he traded knee pain for lower back pain. You people think he is a genius because the knee pain is gone but he traded it for lower back pain. A lot of other companies are made at him
    A car factory decided to move to Mexico because the new trade deal made it better for them to move there, Nice move champ.
    The local people are those ones fighting the terrorists. This orange man sold military weapons to the oil Arabs. I wonder when the attack will hit and how long will he provoke them. He has a secure bunker to go to and you will suffer not him.
    This man has brainwashed people into believing everything he does is right and no amount of truth can convince them. I saw it happen with Obama and I see it with this Orange man. Be different and do not fall under the flaming bandwagon.

  • Not in 1, 000, 000 years

    Trump should not ever be removed from being president because. . .
    1. He is the first president to ever get North Korea to denuclearize and many presidents have tried to get that tall task done before him, But have failed.
    2. He has made it so the American economy is doing better than ever before. The stock prices have reached record heights, The Nasdaq has reached record heights, The unemployment rates are falling fast, And jobs are coming back by the hundreds of thousands.
    3. Trump has worked out amazing trade deals with many countries including Mexico, Canada and the relationship with Japan has never been better.
    4. The terrorists populations have reached a critical low point in that the world is much safer than it ever was with previous administrations.

    In conclusion, Donald J Trump has made the world a better place for every single person on Earth by working out great trade deals with other nations, Reducing the terrorist population, And by stopping North Korea from starting World War Three.

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