• Yes, of course he should divest his business interest and release his tax records.

    It is absolutely absurd to think that any person should just be trusted to do the right thing when there is money at stake. Especially, when this person brags about not having any conflict of interest. Yes, there is. It is ironic that this person ran their campaign on putting the American people firs, when they have personally profited from it. The president and government should be transparent in every way and should not even have a slight perception of conflict. The role of the president is a public service role, meaning it serves the public no themselves. It just goes to show you what type of person someone is, when every other president of high moral character divested when there wasn't a law directing it, but it was the right thing to do. This president has no moral character and is only willing to do what is the absolute minimum and has no care if there is a conflict, but embraces it. He will enact policies based on self interest, political favors and obligations to outside parties.

  • Trump should be forced to divest his business interests.

    Trump should be forced to divest his business interests. There can not be any question of Trumps motivations while in office. Every president will have opinions and constituents, but out right business ties is another issue. While money is always involved in politics, this makes the connection entirely too close.

  • Yes, Trump should be forced to divest his business interests.

    Yes, Trump should be forced to divest his business interests because we deserve a leader who cares about the country, not about his own pocketbook. He clearly wants to use his position of power to make more money. He must divest, or we will know he is only doing this for more money.

  • Trump should not be forced to divest.

    The electorate knew that Mr. Trump was a businessman and had a number of business interests throughout the globe. Knowing that the electorate still elected him. Accordingly, the people accepted him with all of his lumps and entanglements. He should not conduct private enterprise while he is in office; however, he should not be forced to fully divest.

  • I don't think so.

    It should be Donald Trump's choice if he divests his business interests or not, to take care of his country. Personally, I think with the help of his children, cabinet, and advisors, he can work both his business and the United States. However, I'm sure that based on what Trump has said, he has fully let go of his business and given control to his children.

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