Should trump be in charge of what women wear (yes) or should women just be naked in public (no)

  • This question sucks. . . No one should control what women wear but women should not be naked.

    As a woman myself, I absolutely would not want someone (besides if it was a school or an employer) telling me what to wear. I don't fancy showing off my bits to every person that would (unfortunately) have to see me in public. Women should NOT be naked in public, It's disrespectful to themselves, Their partners (if they have them) and the rest of the general public. However forcing someone to wear a certain TYPE of clothing, Besides uniforms for employment or education, Is wrong.

  • Trump should control what they wear

    No thanks to having a bunch of women naked in public. Think about the children in public who are gonna be around all these women seeing their funbags hanging out and sons will ask their fathers “daddy daddy why are all these women naked in public? ” Any clothes are better than just no clothes

  • No let women be naked

    Who knows what kind of clothes trump would make women wear. He would probably make women wear clothing with racist lines on them or probably shirts with swastica’s. At least if all women were naked in public they wouldn’t have to represent facism, Racism, Sexism or homophobia and probably get around being naked. . . In some way.

  • Come on obviously no

    Think about all the hot women that are finally going to be naked in public. Naked women everywhere so you don't have to keep watching porn. Anyone who votes no is either gay or a scared Asexual and wants to have trump force them to wear trump t-shirts. No thanks just let them show off their boobies and their butts

  • Women would still wear clothes

    Only a very small percentage of women would do that. Most women would still wear clothing to protest.
    They just do not like being told what to wear. Women shop for clothes and buy clothes and wear clothes. They do not want to have some uniform akin to a prisoner standard. Even in formal business attire women's clothing is always different.

  • I agree with chungusfanatic

    I don’t think anyone should be forcing women to wear a certain a type of clothing to be fair. At least if they were naked in public they could probably do body art to cover their breasts and I’m sure the rest will be no problem and then they’ll have more fun enjoying the nice sunny day with the hot sun on their skin

  • Naked women is way better than Trump forced clothing line

    Seeing every woman with a MAGA hat and shirt that Trump would force them to wear would be much more of an eyesore than a naked woman let me tell you. Funbags and ham sandwich beats a stupid political message. Even the trumphard boomers would rather see naked women to be fair

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