• He is the president.

    As per the 46% of Americans and the 304 electoral college members that voted for him, I would say he was fairly elected president of the united states. It doesn't exactly make sense to question his authority when we are the ones who voted for him. After all, Everything happens for a reason.

  • Because he is too racist

    Trump should be president because he is going to start a war against another country because of how he always makes fun of other countries and people culture. He also doesn't know what hes doing(Higher chance of war :)). Trump good president because he might start a war and war is good.

  • Annoying, Abrasive, And Arrogant, But STILL a 10, 000 times better than a Career Politician, And a MILLION times better than Joe Biden.

    President Trump isn't there for his personality, He's PRESIDENT for his POLICIES, Which are PRO-AMERICAN and it's GREAT to finally have a Leader who FIGHTS FOR US. Obama and Biden are CORRUPT (China, Ukraine, FISA, Etc. . . ) and ALWAYS Self-Serving. Biden's been in D. C. For 40+ years lining his OWN pockets.

  • Trump should not be president for another term.

    Trump rerouted CDC data so that he can manipulate it and make it more favorably for his own political gain. That should be a call to action in itself. CDC information has in the past, Not been apart of political affairs until now with Trump. Red flags are all over the place of how he’s trying to have all American systems come through him. These actions are not pro-American, They Are pro- dictator, Pro-radical authoritarian. America doesn’t need a one-sided President who is producing more and more one-sided thinking Americans with his fear-mongering speeches and deceit. His white privilege has enabled him to get this far with his misconduct. Why so? Because Trump now knows he can do whatever he wants to do as long as he can think of a clever way to spin the truth and get out of it.

  • Trump is not what we need.

    Republicans thought they could control Trump but soon realized they couldn’t, So if you can’t control him, They joined him. They sold their souls to a republican leader that thinks favorably of dictators. Trump would love to be a dictator and have that control and attention over people. He already does with some people in America. Trump is taking notes from adolf hitler and unfortunately and gradually he has become his radical nephew. If you don’t pay attention and know your history, History can repeat itself. If you following him without question right now, Self reflection can be good medicine.

  • He has no idea what he is doing

    Srsly if one were to think about it Trump has done sh*t with the coronavirus outbreak and I would be surprised if his bad governing started another great depression. He is also cocky as he believes that he is the best and everything bad that happens he blames on Obama and anything good he says its coz of him.

  • Trump should Not be president.

    It’s quite interesting how corrupt and misleading Trump is and how much crap he has been excused of. If he was black, He woulda been removed from office a long long time ago regarding the things he has knowingly and maliciously done. Trump is the perfect example of how malicious leaders rise to power. It’s a gradual sneaky process and Trump has done an excellent job of getting his supporters to “look the other way”, While he does his conniving work. Don’t allow this President to pull wool over your eyes. Common folks especially need to have their guard up cause he loves to get you all fired up with his twisted rhetoric.

  • Did you even read art of the deal?

    Trump hired someone to write his book. The guy who wrote even regretted writing it.
    Basically all of Trumps personal strategy is to fake it til you make it. Overestimate yourself and give an illusion that you are the best.

    That is exactly what Trump is doing. He is pretending to be someone who is the best and the most perfect candidate. And all of the Trump supporters were some of the biggest suckers. They honestly believe that someone from New York who has never been on a farm or in a rural area can relate to them and has their best interest in mind.

    He is literally golfing as much as he can at he hotel to earn as much money as he can of the American people. He sold high level government positions to the highest bidder. A rich lady that owns charters schools paid to become in charge of public schools.
    An oil executive became in charge of the EPA because he paid millions for it.

    All of trump supporters call every a sheep and brainwashed by the media but the biggest suckers were those poor white folk who just lost their benefits and are still too dumb to know that they got the short stick.

    Some rural people are smart enough to know that they been duped but they hate Blacks and Mexicans so much that they are willing to become broke so long as Trump is cruel to Blacks and Mexicans.

  • Because he is too racist

    Trump should not be president because he is going to start a war against another country because of how he alway makes fun of other countries and people’s culture. He also doesn’t know what he’s doing because he’s not experienced with leading he’s to violent and unpredictable. And his lack of leadership will make this world worse.

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