• Yes they Should Build the Wall

    The reason that America should build the wall on the border of The U.S.A and mexico is because the people that are coming from the south are coming into our country illegally as criminals and drug traffickers, killing a lot of americans today. Especially that they are taking allot of jobs from people that have been in America all of their life. It would suck to lose your job to someone named George from Mexico that came into the united states illegally.

  • Please read the whole thing!

    It doesn't have to be a wall like the Great Wall of China. It could simply be a fence, a high one that nobody could climb through or over. It could be chain-link with electrocution wires at the top. Barbed wires could be woven through the chain-link. Guards every half-mile or so, rotating every few hours. You could get a lot of people who love wildlife doing that job; you'd certainly see a lot of it out there.
    Now that we have the building of the wall (fence) out of the way, now we go to the reason for the fence. Many are stupid (I'm NOT pointing fingers or naming names) and they believe that Trump wants the wall to keep ALL Mexicans out because he hates them and thinks that they're ALL criminals. Almost nothing could be further from the truth. He is ABSOLUTELY fine with Mexican immigration, under the condition that they all come in the right way, with the necessary papers and documents. It would stop a lot of drug-lords and criminals who cross the border illegally.

  • A Nation, per definition, requires strong borders

    Research the thinkers of old and see how, when you remove the idea of strong borders (which are there for the protection of the inhabitants of a nation) you cause the socio-economic ideas of literally EVERY SCHOOL OF THOUGHT to collapse on itself. A nation is a group of people with roughly the same ideas and goals. Open borders (or even lackluster borders) results in an overwhelming group of people immigrating merely to seek their OWN prosperity and not the prosperity of others around them (ie society). As such, the wall would be a good step in the right direction BUT DARE I SAY IT ISNT ENOUGH.


  • Illegal immigrants, that's what bothers me

    Illegal immigrants are coming into America, and we can't really stop them unless building a wall. It might not work, but I think it will, and anyway, it's better to try something even if there's a chance that the outcome won't be good. Let's just hope Trump can stop illegal immigration.

  • Most of the negatives are the same or don't make sense.

    I have read the arguments on both sides. The majority of the oppositions are the same: "My family came here illegally. That's is a bad argument, not worthy of a response. Illegal is illegal no matter how you try to justify it. Have you ever heard of something called a passport? If you don't know what it is, a passport will allow you to travel from one country to the next legally. If you'd like to live in the United States then you need to do it the right way like everybody else. Get a passport, then a visa, then work on your citizenship. Wouldn't that be better than crawling through a hole or trying to run across the desert? There are many countries that will shoot a person for that. Personally I think people should prove they have money in order to come here. Also most established countries have walls. As far as the United States being able to afford it, we have plenty of money. Think about all of the expensive weapons and useless toys our government builds. Regardless of what anyone thinks, a wall will eventually be built, it's just a matter of time.
    P.S. For all of you uneducated people out there, it's disrespectful to talk poorly about the president. What have you done? Every one of our past presidents take verbal abuse. It''s easy to talk trash about someone.

  • Past time for a wall

    We need somehow someway to keep all these illegal mexi wetbacks out of our country. Some people on the no side of this argument say its racist to keep them out of the country well say the real racists are the ones who come into the country illegally and try to take it over telling me I need to learn their language. They free load off our government and the government treats these beaners better then thy do their own American citizens. How about we go back to putting real americans first. Make america look like America again and not like Saudi arabia or some other third world country

  • Keep da filthy mexicans out

    AsdaasdasdIt is not feasible Besides the fact that I disagree with the concept of the wall, there is not way Trump would actually build the wall at all. His estimates for cost have grown to $10 billion, you would need to span over 1,800, and most importantly, it would not stop drugs or crime from coming in. (Not that Mexicans are criminals - that is just trumps reason for the wall.)

  • Just be legal.

    Just so less illegals will come in. People are like LOVE TRUMPS HATE!!!! Well all they have to do is be legal then they can go past the wall. Are we just supposed to have no borders at all? And in Mexico they do not allow illegal citizens btw. Do we not see what happens in Europe with little to no border security?

  • Trump+ concrete+ many workers+ a border+ Mexicans trying to get into the U.S.A.= wall

    I dislike immigrant's very very much. They take our jobs, eat our food, and live in our houses. So will everybody agree with me and allow Donald to build his wall. If I was president, I would ave built a wall right away, and I would have only let in a few immigrants.

  • The opposite Side Has no "Facts" against the Wall

    Other Than:

    "Illegals are not the only ones committing crimes!!!"

    True but they are commiting both Non Violent and Violent crimes at higher proportions.

    "It costs too much"

    It's not just about a Physical Wall but about the Security surrounding it. The Fence we have now can be cut through with the right tools. While cement Wall (Or Even Cheaper-Prison Graded Razor Wire) would require thermite/explosives (Which costs $$$ and attracts attention) Meaning that Gangs would have to spend Months digging and Maintaining Tunnels which risk getting detected and dismantled. Or traveling by Sea or Air which requires going through Security that should keep 99% of the Worst Gang members out of America.

    PS: I am Canadian and I think better Border Protection for the American-Mexican Border is completely justified.

  • It is not feasible

    Besides the fact that I disagree with the concept of the wall, there is not way Trump would actually build the wall at all. His estimates for cost have grown to $10 billion, you would need to span over 1,800, and most importantly, it would not stop drugs or crime from coming in. (Not that Mexicans are criminals - that is just trumps reason for the wall.)

  • Trump should not build his wall

    Its not very fair to the families that live on one side and are blocked away from the rest of their families. And if he wants to keep drugs out he will just have to let it happen, Adults can make their own choices and that should be allowed in the US

  • No, he shouldn't because...

    It could isolate people of Mexico and USA apart, removing freedom from each. It could also negatively impact social structures on some people and even threaten animals that go between USA and Mexico like jaguars, ocelots, and so on. So I believe they should cancel and abandon the Mexico wall border plan.

  • I think know because either way Mexicans will still find away to get passed the wall.

    They have put up fences barbed wire, and just about everything you can think of but they still get passed it. If they put a wall up they will dig or find a weak point in the wall to get through. Its not hard to find a way passed something its just only a matter of time and in some cases Mexicans some her for a better life because they think they will have better jobs here . But some are very respectful and work hard and have families. But are getting sent back against their will its not fair.

  • What about planes?

    If we have a wall bordering around Mexico it will actually increase the number of immigrants because of how mad they will get which will give the Mexicans the temptation to either dig under, climb over or fly over. So, building a wall just won't be really helpful at all.

  • One word: Airplanes

    Who's going to pay for it, airplanes can fly over it. It would just cause more immigration, and vandalism. All because trump needed to build a wall. And who cares most immigrants do jobs Americans don't want. Answer me this: How are we going to build the wall without destroying hills and mountains, rivers and lakes, killing animals and lives. We might as well just build a wall around america!

  • It is dumb

    It would cost too much, would make immigration worse, and would just be strait up inconvenient. It would totally mess up the circular flow of both countries. We already have one of the most militarized borders between two countries at peace. We would also end up paying this off for the next hundred years at least.

  • It would cost to much and constantly be destroyed.

    A wall of that span would take longer to build than he will be president. The cost would be enormous when we could be using that money to do other things. Also the wall would be a magnet for Anti-governmental and terrorist groups. The wall In my opinion would be quite impractical. Also this we need to build a wall might actually mean repealing NAFTA

  • Is it to stop illegal immigration or to symbolize the idiocy of our president?

    Illegal Mexican immigrants aren't the only ones who bring drugs.
    Illegal Mexican immigrants aren't the only ones who do crime.
    Illegal Mexican immigrants aren't the only ones who are rapists.

    Not to mention, there are many other ways to come to America than just walking over the border.

    Let's say the wall somehow got built. Do you think ALL of the future presidents of the United States would want a massive and ugly wall intruding the southern border?

  • There is other ways to get over a wall

    Mexicans are not that stupid. They are human beings just like you and me. I am pretty sure they can find another way over the wall. Don't even try to build one because it would be useless anyways. A waste of time and money. Also people are idiots. They should all go die in a hole. There is no reason to build a wall when it can bring us down to. Other countries especially Mexico can see this act as an act of war. It can also show how distrustful we are towards Mexico. It is very offensive.

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