• Yes, he should

    Trump should fire Manafort if the Ukraine claims are true because this would mean that he participated in some incredibly shady and possibly illegal activity during the course of the campaign. It might also mean that if Trump does not fire him he would be doing his job from federal prison.

  • Yes, Manafort is corrupt.

    Donald Trump should fire Paul Manafort because he is corrupt and using money to sway the system to go against the American people. While there isn't much evidence that Trump will, Manafort has put much backing on Trumps campaign for presidency, it would be more prudent for Trump to show a stand against corrupt political moves.

  • Trump should fire Manafort

    Donald Trump should fire Paul Manafort if the Ukraine claims are true. His ties to the country are not only embarrassing , his activities may also have been illegal. Releasing Manafort would show he will not tolerate ethical breaches. It would also help his claims that Hillary Clinton is dishonest.

  • Trump should fire Manafort if Ukraine claims are true

    The accusations about funneling money from the Ukraine to US companies raised against Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, continue to lead the headlines. Manafort's high visibility in the Trump campaign makes potential voters wonder about Manafort's influence on Trump's positive attitude toward Russia. This scandal will only pull voters away from supporting Trump as long as Manafort is associated with Trump. He should be fired.

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