• Yes, he should.

    She needs to be treated in the exact same way as any other citizen. I would be in jail, and anyone with a top secret clearance would be locked up for years. It's just not right for her to get off because of her prominence. This is just plain wrong. It sends the wrong message to the American people; "If you're rich, you can get away with criminal activity".

  • No i disagree.

    No, i beg to disagree. Donald Trump will not push for an investigation into Hillary Clinton over her private email server, breaking a campaign promise that he would pursue charges against the former secretary of state. He has actually abandoned the threat to send the Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, to jail over emails.

  • No, that would be ridiculous.

    If Donald Trump were to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton, it would confirm all of the negative opinions about him that he cultivated during the election. It would prove that he is a petty and selfish person who is obsessed with revenge. If he really wants to "Make America Great Again," he will use his time and the government's resources to actually try to make the country better, rather than settle his own personal vendettas.

  • It is water under the bridge.

    It becomes a scary place in politics if the winner threatens to charge the loser with a crime. At that point, politics becomes about more than running the government. Holding a political office should not be used as a sword in order to take out political opponents. Trump should let the nation heal from the election and move on.

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